About us

Diamond Wholesale Brokers, established in 1999, has a vision to provide quality diamonds at quality prices.

Located in the Block arcade Melbourne, we handcraft an exquisite range of jewellery including; engagement rings, wedding bands, eternity rings, earrings, necklaces and tennis bracelets

We also have a large selection of jewellery to celebrate every occasion from births to graduations

To ensure we source exquisite diamonds to be set in your choice of custom made engagement rings, wedding bands, tennis bracelets and more, we do not compromise quality we simply reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary steps in the diamond sourcing process  (read more)


Making the perfect engagement ring

 All jewellery is handcrafted

 You select your diamond

  We handcraft the ring design that you have chosen

  No deposit required (diamonds sourced internationally excluded)

  Payment accepted when you are 100% happy with jewellery piece with diamonds we have in stock

  Select your own indpendent valuer


All  jewellery is hand crafted, of the finest quality and Australian made

Certified locally and internationally sourced diamonds (GIA, AGS, IGA)

All diamonds inspected by our in our in house Gemmologist, Steve Richards, who has over 25 years industry experience and is a qualified diamond technician

Australian Diamond Wholesale Brokers,  trusted  diamond broker's.  have been helping Australian's get engaged since 1999. We pride ourselves on sourcing quality diamonds at quality prices to offer you an exceptional, handcrafted diamond engagement ring.

Our trusted reputation is the result of dedicated service to satisfied customers. We assist you throughout the whole purchase to choose the right diamond and match it with the perfect setting.

To make you sure you have the perfect engagement ring contact ADBW