Coloured Diamonds

Glorious hues dancing with a spectrum of light reflections. The beautiful rainbow that is coloured diamonds.  Ice Envy scour the world, to source rare coloured diamonds according to your desire. Black diamonds, blue diamonds, pink and yellow diamonds. Each gem imbued with an exquisite blush of colour as gentle or as vivid as you wish.


Diamonds like no other

Imagine the thrill in every sparkle of a diamond that's unique to you. No coloured diamond is quite like another. And colour-infused diamond jewellery is truly one of a kind. Colour your life with exclusive jewellery design or a custom made creation showcasing:

  • Black diamonds – bold & elegant
  • Blue diamonds – stunningly serene
  • Pink diamonds – romantic & whimsical
  • Yellow diamonds – glints of sunlight
  • White diamonds - the flash of fine cut

Want to maximise eye-catching brilliance and luminosity?  Ask our master jewellers to craft a stunning setting for the gorgeous individuality of your coloured diamonds.


Know your diamonds’ true colours

Coloured diamonds are one of the world’s rarest treasures. So price and availability depends on your personal gem selection. A coloured diamond’s value depends on:

  • Colour intensity – greater depth means greater value
  • Carat weight – colour lustre according to diamond size
  • Clarity –light reflection & brilliance of your diamond
  • Cut – maximisation of diamond colour & dazzle

The final 'C' in coloured diamond selection is an authenticity certificate. Every Ice Envy coloured diamond comes with an HRD Antwerp diamond certificate. Assurance that your diamond's kiss of colour is natural.

Precious, beautiful and unique: our coloured diamonds make every moment one in a million. Let Ice Envy source the diamond shades of your dreams. And shine a light less ordinary.