Diamond Cuts & Shapes

Each diamond shape is as unique as its wearer. You may be imagining the elegant chemistry of a brilliant cut diamond, set amidst exclusive or bespoke jewellery design. But what makes diamond jewellery work in graceful unity is choosing the best shape.  A wide range of diamond shapes are available to suit every taste and budget.

Round Cut Diamond
the most popular shape features a wide crown and pavillion base
Princess Cut Diamond
a modern square cut with many sparkling facets
Asscher Cut Diamond
a stepped square cut designed in 1902, suitable for high quality gems
Baguette Cut Diamond
an elongated rectangular cut, unusual in larger diamond sizes
Cushion Cut Diamond
an antique style oval cut deep with large facets
Emerald Cut Diamond
a concentric rectangular shape with cut corners
Heart Shape Diamond
these romantic diamonds are actually pear shapes with a cleft in the top
Marquise Cut Diamond
inspired by a smile this elongated shape makes a gorgeous solitaire
Pear Shape Diamond
shaped like a drop of rain and blending the best in oval and marquise cuts
Oval Shaped Diamond
even and symmetrical shape adds flattering length to the hand
 Trilliant Cut Diamond
a spectacular geometric wedge, usually with 3 even sides
Radiant Cut Diamond
square or rectangular diamonds combining brilliant and emerald cuts