3 Big Benefits of Buying Loose Diamonds

Loose diamond sales are offered online at Australian Diamond Brokers to all of Australia. This gives diamond buyers several big advantages. Access to the global diamond market, wholesale prices and ability to customise their jewellery.


Access the World Diamond Market Direct

Australian Diamond Brokers online diamond finder doesn’t just help buyers choose a loose diamond. It gives viewers access to a global database of the finest diamonds. Wherever in the world they’re available for sale.

The online diamond finder is updated overnight. That’s because hundreds of loose diamonds move in and out of the world market every day. So as diamonds sell or finish the cutting, polishing and valuation process, Australian Diamond Brokers updates which gemstones are still available to buy.

Locations where quality can be patchy or delivery erratic have already been screened out by our experienced diamond wholesalers. So all that’s left for you to do is take advantage of an enormous diamond range.

When you buy diamonds on the global market at Australian Diamond Brokers, on arrival your gems will be appraised by an in-house gemmologist for authenticity and value.


Buying Loose Diamonds at Wholesale Prices

Australian Diamond Brokers is the online arm of a long-established Australian diamond wholesaler. Having been in the market for many years, we have one of the best contact networks within the international diamond market. That gives you the benefit of some very high quality merchandise.

Australian Diamond Brokers don’t operate large retail outlets or carry high stock volumes. So we’re able to offer Australian diamond buyers product at wholesale prices. That means when you buy diamonds online using Ice Envy’s diamond search, you’ll pay the same stone prices as manufacturing jewellers do.

Of course, customers may choose to buy diamonds online or in private consultation with our gemmologist.


Custom Made Diamond Jewellery

This is where buying loose diamonds comes into its own. Nothing says romance quite like a custom made diamond engagement ring. When you begin by selecting your very own diamond, the result is a genuinely unique jewellery piece.

Bespoke jewellery design and crafting is an Australian Diamond Brokers specialty. We’ve helped many customers to customise their jewellery with a beautiful, personalised design.

Typically, that process begins with loose diamond selection. Depending on the gemstone, favourite design ideas and importantly your lifestyle, we can then create a beautiful heirloom piece. One with a very personal heritage.

Discover more about diamonds and the ways to buy by arranging a consultation.