The Lover’s Guide to Buying a Diamond Ring on a Budget

Purchasing an engagement ring can be one of the biggest decisions of a man’s life. It is almost as momentous as popping the question! It may seem especially intimidating if you are on a budget. You want to find the perfect diamond for your beautiful girl. But you also know that you have to keep an eye on the price. Thankfully, Australian Diamond Wholesale Brokers has your back. Here are five steps to buying the perfect diamond ring on a budget.

1. Talk it over with your partner.

We understand that this may not be the most romantic way to go about it. You may want your proposal to be a surprise. But you also want the love of your life to be happy with the diamond ring that she will be wearing every single day. You can be as discreet or as direct as you choose, but do try to get an idea of what size she is imagining; she may be perfectly happy with a smaller diamond. Also, if you choose to bring up finances, she will probably understand that you want to make her happy but you also want to make sure that your new family is secure financially. And that means you cannot spend over budget for the engagement ring.

2. Go shopping at a strategic time.

You want to go shopping for this special piece of jewellery right at the time when other guys are not out looking for the same thing. This is not about competition; after all, there are plenty of jewellery shops to accommodate everyone. The point is that times like Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s Day are popular times for proposals. If nothing else, many men rush in looking desperately for a last-minute gift for their wives and girlfriends. Thus, these are the times when jewellery shops raise their prices. So try to buy an engagement ring at an unexciting time.

3. Get help from a trusted friend.

Remember that asking to borrow money is asking a lot from a friend. But sometimes you and your best buddy understand each so well that you can do it without causing tension in your relationship. If you are in need of just a couple hundred extra dollars, it is acceptable to go to a trusted friend and let them know of your predicament. Some even find it advantageous to make a deal. “If you put down this amount, I promise to give you the same when you get married.” Just make sure you are always in a place where you can keep this promise.

4. Remember that the right setting will go a long way in making the diamond look good.

Even a small diamond will look stunning in the right setting. Believe it or not, you can add some sparkle to the diamond by choosing the right ring to place it in. The setting will depend, in part, on the shape and cut of the ring as well. The ring can really make or break how the diamond looks. So it is important to choose the perfect pairing for your diamond. It can be difficult to find the exact ring that will match the diamond. And this is why step 5 (below) is so important.

5. Work with someone who knows what they are talking about.

Choosing an engagement ring is an important decision. Thus, you need a professional by your side. You need an experienced jeweller to help you every step of the way. Your jeweller will help you understand how to balance the carat, cut, colour, and clarity (the 4 Cs of a diamond). He or she will explain which aspects are most important for your ring, and which you can save on. A reputable jeweller will help you find the perfectly-sized diamond for your budget and the perfect setting for that diamond. With your jeweller by your side, you have nothing to fear.

If you are in need of a jeweller to help you make this important decision, please consider me, Steve, at Australian Diamond Wholesale Brokers. I am committed to helping you find what you need within your budget!



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