Every girl knows that a diamond means forever. A diamond is the ultimate sign of love and devotion; a glittering jewel that will last as long as your eternal love for her. But diamonds aren’t limited to engagement rings alone. Whether you’re not yet ready to pop the question or your lady love is already wearing that special ring on her finger, you can still gift your beloved with a diamond that will show her your love is forever.

While everyone thinks a great deal about the right diamond for an engagement ring, the perfect diamonds can also be put to use in beautiful custom settings for the unique and special occasions in your shared life. When the piece is picture-perfect for your lady, she will understand that the gift shows how deep and everlasting your feelings truly are.


To Show that Your Love is True Before You Pop the Question

When you have met the girl of your dreams, it’s important not to rush in head-first. You play it slow, you show her you care and win her heart with wonderful experiences and expressions of your love. If you’re not ready to pop the question (or you are, but she’s not quite ready to accept), a diamond of a different sort is a wonderful way to show your adoration for her. The perfect diamond pendant can give her a timeless piece that will remind her of your love every day she wears it. And when she does wear it, know she is showing you that the feelings are returned.


When She’s Already Agreed to Be Yours for Life

Perhaps you have already popped the question and are in the throes of wedding planning or have already been bonded in wedded bliss. That doesn’t mean your diamond-gifting days must be over. If your lady already has that special ring on her finger, you can show your love in other ways, especially if diamonds have always had a special place in her heart.

A pair of diamond earrings, for example, can let your beloved know that you still cherish months and years after trading your vows. Earrings also say that you look forward to showing off your lady love at social events where she’ll have a wonderful chance to wear her glittering diamonds for all to see.


For a Special Lady Who’s Not Your Special Lady

Diamonds are also not limited to your one-and-only. If your mother is a wonderful person who deserves a little extra light and love in her life, consider a diamond piece for her birthday or Mother’s Day this year. If your sister has had a rough year and needs to know that the people in her life still love and appreciate her, a diamond holiday gift can lift her spirits and remind her that family is a wonderful source of unconditional love and support.


On Birth of Each Child

Of course, when your own wife becomes a mother is another perfect time to surprise her with a gift that shows just how wonderful and amazing she is for bringing new life into the world. Many couples celebrate the birth of each child with a special gift. A diamond for each birth will give your beloved wife a jewellery box full of wonderful memories and pieces that remind her of the most important moments in your shared life.


To the Mother of Your Children to Celebrate Your Life Together

It’s never too late to show the mother of your children that you still cherish her in every way. It can be easy to lose track of time and romance when you’re raising young children together. But a diamond pendant, earrings, or a beautiful brooch can show your beloved that your feelings for her have never faded. That you are still as passionate and devoted as the day you popped the question and gave her that first beautiful sparkling diamond. Mother’s diamond arrangements often feature one gem for each child you’ve had together.


To Prove Your Love is Still Strong on Your Wedding Anniversary

Last but certainly not least is anniversary gifting. Traditional anniversary gifts suggest that the ‘diamond’ year is dedicated to your 60th year of wedded bliss, but you don’t have to wait until you’re both 80+ to give your wonderful lady a diamond to show that you still care. Wedding anniversaries are an important event in any couple’s life and each year, you have the opportunity to let your lady know that you still love her with all your heart. A diamond is a perfect way to express this, as timeless as your love and as beautiful as her sparkling eyes when she sees you reveal the little velvet box.

Is there an event or special expression of love that would be perfectly conveyed with a breathtaking diamond jewellery piece? Is there a custom diamond design that you know would be the ideal gift for the special lady in your life? Whether you’re planning that once-in-a-lifetime ring to pop the question or it’s just the right time to show your beloved that your heart is still true, contact me today. I can help you find the perfect gemstones and custom setting that your beautiful lady deserves.