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4 Vintage Engagement Ring Trends For 2019

In many ways, vintage engagement rings are more popular than ever. They add variety to the jewellery market that usually has only modern trends. The appeal of vintage engagement rings is their timelessness, their classic design, and the perennial ideals of beauty they evoke. Choosing a vintage engagement ring can also be a thoughtful way to use a material symbol of one’s love as a metaphor for the enduring nature of a lifelong commitment.

While some may be under the impression that vintage means old-fashioned, many of the trends common in vintage jewellery continue to re-appear in modern fashion, meaning that the perfect vintage engagement ring exists for even the most modern of brides. Whether you choose a truly vintage engagement ring that has survived for generations or a newly made vintage-style ring inspired by trends from the past, you can be sure that the timeless elegance of a vintage engagement ring will highlight the beauty of the bride who wears it.

If you’re wondering where to start on your quest for the perfect piece, here are a few of our favourite vintage engagement ring trends for 2019:


Unique Shapes and Cuts

One of the hallmarks of impressive vintage rings is the variety of diamond cuts and shapes available, many of which provide a visual reminder of the eras from which they hail. For instance, a hexagon-shaped stone may evoke the opulence of the Art Deco period. A stunning marquise cut diamond is a reminder of the grandeur of France in the 19th century. Further, unique vintage cuts are a wonderful choice for brides who like to stand out. Shapes like rose cuts, Asscher cuts, and baguettes are less common these days.


Old European Glamour

Many of the most beloved pieces of vintage jewellery are the product European trends of yore. This is likely because luxury jewellery played such a significant part in the fashion sensibilities in the Western world. A few of our favourite trends that harken back to the European Old World include the Victorian and Edwardian cluster rings in intricate stone patterns, bow shapes and ornate filigree with inset stones, and hand-hewn rings that show the intricate craftsmanship that was required to forge jewellery in a bygone era.


Coloured Stones

We love the variety of colours represented in vintage rings, especially those featuring rubies, emeralds, sapphires, aquamarines, and coloured diamonds. Whether tastefully displayed in a minimalist solitaire ring or flanked by a burst of small stones on either side, coloured stones stand out from the crowd and highlight the unique sensibilities of the bride who wears them. Coloured stones look especially nice when surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds to add sparkle and highlight their bright hue, but they also work well at the centre of an understated band with inset diamond studs.


Highlight a Favourite Era 

One approach to selecting the ideal vintage ring is to search based on a specific era or region. For instance, a Francophile bride is likely to flip for a simple solitaire ring with inset diamonds. This is similar to those that were popular in France in the 1920s. Similarly, since both Art Deco and mid-century modern designs are so popular in interiors and home goods. A bride with a penchant for these styles is sure to find similar satisfaction in a ring that reflects them as well. Approaching based on the ring’s own history can also be a great way to celebrate a bride’s unique heritage. For example, choosing a 19th-century Alexandrite ring for a bride with a Russian background.

ADWB specialises in helping couples find the perfect ring to celebrate their love, so we would be thrilled to assist in locating the right vintage or vintage-style ring for your special someone.


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