7 Signs He’s Ready to Get Engaged

Wholesale diamonds might be your very next Google search if you can tick off more than half this list. What list you ask? Why the top ten signs he’s getting ready to pop the question.


Sign number 1 – out with the old

If he’s having a big clean-up, that’s not just a miracle. Parting with memories of old girlfriends, relationship souvenirs and secret boxes shows he’s putting the past behind him and ready to move forward with you.

Sign number 2 –­­ the ring around

Mysterious ring stuff starts happening. Maybe your favourite ring goes missing. Or friends start casually asking about your finger size. You can be pretty sure he’s doing some wholesale diamond research or visiting the jeweller.

Sign number 3 – catch a bonus

He never cared before, but suddenly he’s sporting a gold card. Plenty of guys bump up their limit or go for a flash new card before buying an engagement ring. If he’s extra savvy you’ll have those points for the honeymoon.

Sign number 4 – the wedding watcher

All of a sudden he’s interested in everyone’s wedding. Your man starts paying attention to invites, venues and speeches. He seems to know about wholesale diamonds and rings in general. And he wants you to catch the bouquet.

Sign number 5 – Dad’s the word

So your partner has buddied up with your dad. They’re new best friends and hitting the golf course together every week. Reading between the lines, there’s a good chance they’ve been talking seriously about the long run.

Sign number 6 – the super saver

It’s not in his nature but suddenly your boyfriend is penny pinching. When dates go from flash restaurants and cocktails to BBQ chicken with soft drink, there’s a good chance he’s pooling funds for a diamond investment.

Sign number 7 – switch to Us

When he hits the ‘We’ wavelength and starts talking about ‘Us’, ‘We’ and ‘Our’. A definite sign he’s ready to move on as a couple.