A Day In The Life Of A Diamond Wholesaler

Diamond wholesalers spend their working life surrounded by beautiful things. But before you run away with the idea all that glamour goes to the head, here’s what it’s like working with diamonds every day.

Of course, you already know most fine diamonds are mined a long way from Australia. So if you’re a Melbourne diamond wholesaler, the first thing you need is a reliable, high quality stone supplier. The best fine diamond cutters are located on the other side of the world. Which means your diamond wholesaler’s day starts pretty early …


Rise and shine … it’s a brand new day! In the immortal words of Dolly Parton “stumble out of bed, stumble to the kitchen, pour myself a cup of ambition”. Actually, Dolly has a far more appropriate diamond quote but that’s a story for another day.


On the phone (Skype actually … after all, every dollar shaved off the expense ledger means more customer savings). Good wholesalers keep in touch regularly with a raft of global diamond contacts, everywhere from Africa to Europe, USA and Asia.


The morning papers: check the gold price and what’s petrol up to? Read the latest world news and any other stories that might have an impact on the diamond market. Decision time. Will Angelina Jolie’s stunning flawless emerald cut diamond send supplier prices soaring?


It’s time for more coffee. And the first e-mail check of the day. There’s customer enquiries and today it seems like there’s a diamond earrings theme. The freight specials need a look and there are questions from jewellers, wholesale price enquiries that all need to be actioned


Hungry as. Which means it must be time to eat breakfast. Definitely more coffee and the dog has that look in his eye. OK, off for a walk.


All kitted out for the day and it’s time to hit the road. Diamond wholesalers don’t need big, fancy offices. It’s mostly about being easy to get to. So location is more the key. Australian Diamond Brokers is conveniently positioned in Melbourne’s Block Arcade, where you can speak directly with our qualified gemmologist. Please remember to make and appointment though.


Grab a coffee and your erstwhile diamond wholesaler is open for business. For any delivery attempts so far this morning, the courier will have left a card. They need to be followed up toot sweet. Someone’s waiting on those diamonds!


First client meeting. It’s Toby and Annette. They’re just about to take the plunge and want a unique diamond engagement ring. The Australian Diamond Brokers gemmologist spends time chatting about wholesale diamond prices, size, shape and quality. Often clients already know a bit about the 4 Cs of diamond grading. But there’s a lot more to fine cut diamonds than that.

The morning seems to fill with phone calls, master jewellers, design ideas and client meetings.


The website is down! For most diamond wholesalers this is the first point of contact with customers. Australian Diamond Brokers is more than an online store. It provides ideas, education and full information about every stone in our wholesale diamond search. So it’s vital to restore service ASAP. Frantic phone calls to the hosting service, developer and webmaster.


With the diamond website restored it’s time to for some lunch on the run. And coffee, of course.


The afternoon lull is an ideal time to inspect today’s diamond deliveries. Good quality wholesalers ensure every stone is checked by a gemmologist. And Australian Diamond Brokers is no different. Our own in-house gemmologist checks every wholesale diamond personally.

The afternoon brims with freight bookings, diamond purchases and verifying orders. At Australian Diamond Brokers diamond wholesalers, even customers place an online order, gemstone specifications are checked so that customers are always … always delighted.


12 hours. Yep that’s enough for today. A bit of planning for tomorrow, when your diamond wholesaler will do it all again. Sign off and head for home. Then the phone rings …

Speak to our expert gemologist today and find the perfect ring for you.