Antwerp: City Of ‘Diamond Destiny’

‘Cut in Antwerp’.  Such words send quality credentials of any diamond to lofty new heights. Centuries-old diamond artistry, cutting edge craftsmanship and incredible diamond district infrastructure.

 All have built Antwerp to reign supreme as diamond capital of the world.
Antwerp trades annually:

  • 85 per cent of world’s rough diamonds
  • 50 per cent of cut diamonds
  • 40 per cent of industrial diamonds

Becoming the world super power in diamond integrity, quality and craftsmanship is an Antwerp tradition. One that continues to evolve and delight today.

Birthplace of diamond cutting

Fifteenth century Antwerp began an enduring tradition that forever transformed global diamond standards. Lodewyke van Berken invented groundbreaking diamond cutting technology. The humble skaife allowed symmetrical polishing of all diamond facets, maximising magnificent light reflection.  Calls for such awe-inspiring sparkle came in droves from royal and aristocratic circles. Diamond cutters from across Europe poured into Antwerp to study Van Berken’s approach. Diamonds became optical delights, a-dazzle with glorious facets and light. Almost overnight, diamond cutting evolved from primitive endeavour to revolutionary art form. With Antwerp as the superlative world-diamond cutting centre.

Yet Antwerp’s reshaping of world diamond cutting technique was not yet over. Two further groundbreaking inventions followed:

  • The twentieth century diamond saw began semi-mechanised diamond polishing
  • Mathematical calculation of ideal cut diamond proportions in 1919

Leveraging a mathematical approach to diamond cutting, Antwerp gave birth to semi-automatic polishing machines. Thus, Antwerp diamond cutters became irrevocably recognised as the world’s finest diamond artisans.

Enter the dazzling diamond district

Today Antwerp diamond cutters retain such international renown. Their craftsmanship forms the ultimate world quality mark in polished diamond artistry. Built on five centuries of unrivalled skill and foresight, the modern Antwerp diamond district is home to:

  • Over 12,000 master diamond cutters & polishers
  • 380 diamond cutting workshops
  • Hundreds of polished wholesale diamond offices

Modern Antwerp is the global diamond nerve centre. Supporting master diamond cutters with unique infrastructure and vision. Antwerp has built a dedicated diamond district combining latest training, applied research and evolutionary technology. All overseen by the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC).

Antwerp diamonds are literally a cut above any other. If you are a discerning diamond aficionado, settle for nothing less than a diamond ‘Cut in Antwerp’.

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