Baguette Diamonds For Exquisite Elfin Elegance

Behold one of the Art Deco period darlings:  the beautiful Baguette cut.  Offering a gentler splendor to the fire of brilliant cuts. Seducing buyers of online and wholesale diamonds with petite perfection. 

Whether you seek a classically geometric center gem, heavenly highlighting side stones or exquisite loose diamonds. The Baguette cut is a creation of pure beauty.

Precious things come in small packages. Certainly Baguette cut diamonds holds this maxim true. Taking their name from the famous long, thin French loaf, these stones are anything but stale. At a dainty 14 facets, these stones are often a petite diamond choice as they lend attractive accentuation to diamond luster and clarity.  The Baguette cut is characterised by rectangular proportions and square corners.

Loose baguette diamonds born of Art Deco fashion

Simple shapes fused with functional geometric architecture. Such were the trends of Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods. Jewellers became entranced by cut creations that mirrored architectural directions. As clean lines, rectangular geometry and plain form reigned supreme. Diamonds soon modeled the unique new cut that boasted all such features. Western gemstone lovers embraced the beautiful Baguette immediately.

These stones’ diminutive appeal ensured a focus on dimension over carats.  Even though the Baguette cut initially debuted as costume jewellery, their splendor was not to be confined. Soon necklaces, bracelets and wedding rings gleamed with lovely elongated gems, either as the main event or sensational side stones.

Today the Baguette cut remains a popular diamond delectable. But it is rare for these lustrous stones to showcase as a solitaire. Rather, modern jewellery tends to feature Baguettes in a supporting role.

Side set alongside statement stones or channel set in rows is where such gems are generally featured in contemporary designs.  In fact, some of the world’s most famous jewellery boasts Baguette cut diamonds. Like the Hope Diamond that, in 2010, was set into a new necklace adorned with baguette gems.

Pure allure in each baguette cut diamond

Beautiful as Baguette diamonds are, this cut is unforgiving. With fewer facets, even the slightest flaw shows more prominently.  Tiny imperfections like carbon spots or feathers gain greater visibility. So buyers are well advised to seek a higher grade stone, whether purchasing wholesale diamonds direct or online.

Crystal clarity is one of baguettes’ proudest boasts and the wide facets enchant with luminous light displays.  When using a Baguette cut side stones (or even matched pairs),  always insist on corresponding colour, clarity and size.  This will ensure continuity of aesthetic appeal between your feature diamond and its complementing side stones.

Beautiful settings for Baguette diamonds

Baguette cut diamonds are very uniform, so these dainty diamonds may bet set alongside each other without gaps. A glorious unbroken chain of diamond dazzle to catch the eye of wearers and admirers alike.  So channel settings are a superb choice for Baguette diamonds.

These luminous loose diamonds can also be bezel, prong or tension set if required.

Travel on lavish light beams whenever you don your baguette encrusted diamond jewellery. Glowing embers of gentle fire are irresistibly complemented by superlative clarity and luster. Admirers will be drawn to the light refraction accents emulating from your baguette beauties. Meanwhile you can simply revel in the glorious effect and attention.

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