Be Ravished By Round Diamond Wholesale Brilliance

Welcome blissful immersion in blazing spectral fire. Round diamonds ignite unrivalled dazzle as loose stones, jewellery even iconic engagement rings. Each gem a masterpiece of optical perfection. Round cut is the most popular shape with wholesale and online diamond buyers irresistibly drawn to their classic charm. Such full circle fineness of round diamonds accounts for over 75 per cent of their kin sold today.

Perfection is incalculable. Yet the

ultimate fire reflection of round brilliant diamonds is mathematically proven. Cut to precise proportions ideal cut rounds are sumptuously symmetrical. Lustrous with 58 facets boasting exact placement. Premium round cuts bear slight dimensional difference. Yet whichever cut lucky wearers adorn themselves in round brilliants yield exceptional light refraction of incomparable beauty.

Lustrous longevity in wholesale’s bestselling diamond

Over a century of light behaviour theories and advanced mathematical calculations radiate from loose round diamonds. These beautiful gems originated in 1919 at the masterful hand of Belgian, Marcel Tolkowsky. A mathematician with myriad of gemstone cutters in his immediate family lineage. Tolkowsky achieved breakthrough research in his doctoral thesis regarding proportions and symmetry. He theorised that the 58 facets of a round brilliant yielded ideal brilliance and light dispersion. Upon Tolkowsky’s thesis publication diamonds cutters everywhere crafted round stones with zeal. The American Gem Society adapted Ideal proportional ranges in accordance with Tolkowsky’s work. These cut grades are still used today.

Contemporary round diamonds sport subtle variations to Tolkowsky’s brilliant cut. A larger cutlet has given way to either a very small or entirely absent cutlet. Table size can also vary between 53-57 per cent of the diamond’s average diameter. Yet Tolkowsky’s calculations of a 53 per cent table are also included. Lower girdle facets are now much deeper than in original round brilliants.

Timeless popularity for round diamonds sold wholesale or online

Round diamonds both traditional and contemporary hold supremacy in fiery brilliance. As such they have been coveted diamond real estate since their inception. Several have even won acclaim in history books including:

  • The ‘Moon’ – a sensational 183 carats of white diamond and one of the world’s most ample round diamonds
  • The Korloff Noir – an 88-carat, round cut black diamond of 57 facets
  • De Young Red Diamond – third largest red diamond in the world boasting an extravagant 5.03 carats
  • Williamson Pink – the finest pink diamond in existence given as a wedding present to Princess Elizabeth in 1947

Testament to round diamonds’ enduring popularity is bestowed by their modern prevalence. Even among esteemed Hollywood royalty. Many Tinsel town darlings have been romanced with round cut diamond engagement rings. Ensuring contemporary sweethearts continue to swoon over their splendour. Star studded adornees of round diamond engagement rings include:

  • Black Eyed Peas’ Fergie who received a 3 carat round brilliant cut diamond on a platinum band from Josh Duhamel
  • Ryan Reynolds wooed Scarlett Johansson with a 3 carat round cut diamond set in a yellow gold pave band
  • Jennifer Hudson’s beau David Otunga presented her with a 5 carat round brilliant diamond in platinum setting

Quintessential quality in every round diamond

Superlative light reflection and brilliance. Round brilliant wearers can proudly claim both. Certainly loose diamonds fashioned in round style typically bear a higher price tag than other fancies. Yet there is genuine call for this. More rough stone is lost when cutting rounds, so the cost of each retained carat is higher. Whether you are buying diamonds wholesale or online you are securing a precious morsel of prime magnificence.

Round diamonds are indeed the brightest star among fancy shapes. Scientific calculations perfect fire, brilliance and light refraction. Yet round brilliants are also ablaze with flexibility. Boasting masterful light reflection properties, these resplendent stones burn brighter than other fancy counterparts. Thus gifting buyers greater freedom in balancing cut, colour and clarity without compromising bountiful brilliance.

Certainly every wholesale or online diamond buyer must remain within the confines of their personal budget. Yet price must be weighed against pristine beauty. Choose ‘ideal’ or ‘very good’ cut grades for your ravishing round diamond. So you can call maximum fire and splendour your own. Similarly, opt for ideal, excellent or very good grades in both symmetry and polish. If such lofty grades fall outside your budget, however, round diamonds’ come to your rescue. Yielding charismatic aesthetic appeal even when colour, clarity or cut are not premium.

Set light cascading

Diamond engagement rings are the traditional showcase of round brilliants. Yet these glorious gems offer supreme versatility. Bringing beautiful brilliance to jewellery, stud earrings, pendants and much more.

No less than four-prongs are required to hold the magnificent might of round diamonds. All while beckoning in optimum light so round stones can glisten supremely.

Engagement rings commonly call upon delicate pave settings when round diamonds take centre stage. Bezel and channel settings also yield a brilliant showcase of round gems.

So coveted are round diamonds that wholesale and online stores have abundant stock to satisfy buyers. Longevity of desire is exclusively enjoyed by such round pieces of precious. Whether round diamonds grace your engagement ring, pendant, earrings or other dazzling jewellery piece. Or if you prefer to keep radiant rounds as loose stones. You will set any occasion ablaze in glorious white light with every wear of round diamonds.

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