Buy Yourself Fabulous Diamonds Online – Without the Risk

Yes. You can buy diamonds online safely, securely and with minimum risk. All you need to do is arm yourself with a little knowledge, and choose to deal with a trustworthy supplier.

Buying diamonds online

Lots of people avoid buying diamonds online. Some think they won’t get a good deal. Or they don’t want to risk sending money overseas. Others think they have more protection buying loose diamonds through a shop.

That’s not really the case if you understand diamonds. Online shopping has opened a world of choice and possibilities. Traditional diamond sellers carry limited stock. They simply must.

By contrast, buying diamonds online gives you access to a world-wide inventory. There’s almost a limitless range of size, shape and quality on offer. Mostly at below retail or wholesale prices.

Making the right selection

There are two things you’ll need to choose well to make your purchase go smoothly:

  • the right gemstone, and
  • a trusted online retailer.

Choosing Your Gemstone

When you buy diamonds online, you don’t see the actual stone until it arrives. While we do have the 4Cs and other valuation tests, these vary from one lab to the next. So, you need to consider the stone carefully. In real life:

  • Blemishes visible to the naked eye, may be less attractive than you thought
  • A gem with less than ideal cut, may not be as dazzling as you imagine
  • Low colour grades can look much whiter on your computer screen.

For all these reasons (and more) it’s best to buy the highest quality diamond your budget will allow. Even if that means compromising a tiny bit on size.

A Supplier You Can Trust

Not all online diamonds are sold by nameless, faceless shop robots. Some have a real office. Others boast an in-house gemmologist to help you make the right selection. Ice Envy has both.

Whether that’s online or in person.

If you don’t feel comfortable with your dream diamond a mouse-click away, it’s good to know you can call for an appointment. Or arrange a phone consultation. The best suppliers let you buy diamonds online or in-person.

For your security, choose a wholesaler who checks your diamond against its online profile to ensure strict quality standards.

Lastly, choosing an Australian company means you’ll never send cash off-shore. So there’s much less risk of goods not arriving … or falling short of expectations. And, of course, you get the consumer protection provided under Australian law.

Discuss your dream diamond with our in-house expert gemologist.