Custom design engagement rings

When you purchase a diamond engagement ring the amount of choices can be overwhelming. To resolve this problem you may benefit from creating your custom made diamond engagement ring. A custom made engagement ring reduces the amount of time you spend shopping around for the perfect ring. It also guarantees you have a unique ring, unlike any other.


Unique, personalised style

Custom designing your engagement ring means you can be confident that your ring is truly unique. It represents you and your partner and encapsulates the future you will build together.

You may know your partner loves princess cut diamonds and double halo bands. They may also like coloured diamonds. Understandably, purchasing a round brilliant, double halo engagement ring lined with coloured diamonds might be hard to come by. A custom designed engagement ring will guarantee you can create the perfect ring for your partner without spending hours shopping around.

Also, there is potential to  have the ring modified in the future. You can choose to alter the band to mark important milestones in your relationship, such as the birth of children.


Custom Design Process

To create the perfect custom design for your engagement ring, you simply:

1.Select your diamond

2.Select your setting

3.Choose your metal- platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold

4.Have the ring handcrafted by our specialist jeweller


Band matching

You can also benefit from being able to custom design your engagement ring to accommodate your wedding band. This is particularly advantageous when the band is a halo or the stone you choose is large or irregularly shaped such as heart shaped diamond.

Furthermore, custom designing the two bands together can avoid future problems with style and fit. It can also ensure that the two rings combined are comfortable to wear.


Coloured stones

A coloured stone included in an engagement ring ensures that the ring is truly unique. Rarely do you find pre made coloured diamond engagement rings. If your significant other loves canary yellow diamonds with a channel set band, you will be hard pressed to find one in a retail store. Even if you are lucky enough to find such a ring you will certainly be paying for it.

A custom designed engagement ring will ensure you have the right coloured diamond for your engagement ring. You might even be able to reduce the cost as well.

Coloured diamonds, apart from rare, can also be expensive. To overcome the challenge of selecting the right coloured diamond at an affordable price HPHT coloured diamonds are an affordable alternative.


If would like to know more about your custom design options we will be happy to hear from you.