Diamond Buyers’ BEST Advice

Buying a diamond today, you could be forgiven for feeling like you need a jewellery PhD before opening your wallet. The reality is, there are simple rules with any investment and diamonds are no different.

Yes, it’s important to know the rules. But it’s even more critical to deal with a wholesaler you can trust. Stick with theBEST advice and there’s every chance your purchase will be a solid investment that delivers a lifetime of joy.

It’s actually pretty simple to remember:


Start by calculating how much you’d like to spend and how much you can afford to spend. If your end goal is jewellery (as opposed to a loose diamond) remember that purchasing diamonds wholesale means you’ll also need to have your jewellery designed and made, complete with gemstone setting.


Most of us don’t go into any major purchase with set ideas. You wouldn’t shop for a car or a house that way. So don’t weigh your diamond purchase down with ideas about size especially. At the wholesaler, you’ll be surprised how much bigger a high quality stone looks, even if you sacrifice a few points.


There’s no way around it: knowledge is power. So get to know the 4Cs and a bit of diamond speak. Ask to view stones through a loupe so you can see what the wholesaler means by eye clean or inclusions. Most of all stay on your guard. Diamond deals seeming too good to be true usually have a dark side, like over-grading, undisclosed treatment or poor cut.


Put yourself under pressure and you’re much more likely to make a mistake. So don’t be in a rush. Take time to investigate your diamond purchase. Talk to an expert gemmologist, for unbiased advice about what makes one diamond a better choice than another. And shop around before you buy. All that’s left to plan then is the perfect moment to celebrate.

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