Diamond Certifications: What They Are And What They Mean.

From GIA to AGS to EGL, find out what these acronyms mean in the world of diamonds.

If you are buying something of value, you are going to want to make sure that it is 100% authentic. Whether it is a luxury timepiece, branded handbag or designer luggage, you are going to want to demand for an authenticity certificate. Diamonds are the same. A diamond certification is the official document that states the diamond’s quality and main attributes, such as the cut, color, carat and clarity. Here are some of the most renown certifications to look out for when shopping for diamonds whether at a store or online.

  1. Gemological Institute of America (GIA)
    This agency is perhaps one of the most recognizable ones in the world. It is considered the industry standard and is the most widely used in the diamond industry. All diamonds sold through Australian-based online retailer Australian Diamond Brokers, come with GIA certifications.
  2. American Gemological Society (AGS)
    Like, GIA, AGS is also based in the United States. This agency is the forerunner in researching diamond color grades. Unlike GIA that uses an alphabetical system to grade diamond colors, AGS uses a numerical point system. Some top jewelers have said that AGS’ grading system is better than GIA’s. Although this is very subjective, it does not change the fact that AGS is still one of the top in its field.
  3. European Gemological Laboratory (EGL)
    Founded in Belgium in 1974, EGL has been evaluating diamonds and precious stones to the highest standards set by the industry. The agency’s laboratories utilize the most state-of-the-art equipment and technology so you can be sure that an appraisal and authentication from them will be accurate.

At Australian Diamond Brokers our diamonds are GIA approved.

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