Diamond owners dos & don’ts

Every diamond ring is a precious piece to it’s owner, and it’s important to keep your prized possessions in beautiful condition. Here we’ve gone through a few tips to give your diamonds a little TLC.

How do I keep my diamond sparkling all the time?
A routine of regular cleaning at home and the occasional visit to a jeweller will keep your diamond jewellery dazzling. Caring for your diamond engagement ring is pretty simple in between visits to the jeweller for a gold or platinum polish.

Help! I bumped my engagement ring. Will the diamond come out?
This isn’t really a yes or no question. Whether your diamond budges will depend on how well it is set, the angle and severity of the knock and the setting style itself. Best to head straight for the jeweller and have your ring checked.

I don’t wear my diamond jewellery all the time. How should I store it?
Special occasion jewellery is best kept in its own spot. Perhaps one drawer of the jewellery box or a little pouch. That way, your jewellery won’t get knocked or scratched by other pieces. And it will look beautiful whenever you want to wear it.

Will the chlorine affect my diamond if I wear my engagement ring swimming?
The short answer is probably not. But wearing your ring to the beach or pool is risky. Why? In the cool water, your fingers will shrink slightly. That makes it much easier for a ring to slip off. More rings are lost through swimming and water sports than any other activity.

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It looks like my diamond has got scratched. Is that even possible?
You’ve probably heard diamond is the hardest substance on earth. And, according to Moh’s scale of hardness, only another diamond can cause a scratch. But breakages are another matter. Many fine cut diamonds have delicate corners that can get chipped or broken.

How often should I get a jeweller to check my engagement ring?
An annual visit to the jeweller is a good habit to get into. Or at least once every two years. Apart from checking the setting to make sure your diamond is secure, keep your valuation up to date and perhaps have a protective rhodium plating too.

We’re renovating a house. Is it safe to keep my engagement ring on?
While it’s lovely to show off your diamond at every opportunity, rings and tools just don’t mix. Tools can quickly take the shine off your jewellery. But this is mostly a safety issue. Rings have been known to get caught and cause serious finger damage.

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