Diamond Region Reveals Hidden Riches.

The colour of romance is pink. Diamonds of pristine pink hues are amongst the world’s rarest and timeless treasures. Just like true love. It is no wonder then that pink diamonds have found global fame. From Darya e Noor, the world’s largest pink diamond weighing in at 186 carats. To J-Lo’s dazzling 6 carat engagement ring. Pink diamonds are lavishness personified. So welcome the world’s newest ‘pretty in pink’ diamond treasure. Uncovered in Western Australia’s diamond heartland, a 12.76 carat gem has been revealed. Ready to adorn a fortunate wearer – and to once again ignite pink diamond passion throughout the world.


Long journey ahead for lavish loose pink diamond

Known as the Argyle Pink Jubilee this generously proportioned loose diamond is 26 years in the discovery. Imagine the exhilaration of Rio Tinto miners who uncovered this striking stone. A once in a lifetime experience making a once in a lifetime find.

Certainly the Argyle Pink Jubilee is of unprecedented pedigree. Consider that in all its 244 years of business, prestigious Christie’s auction house has only auctioned 18 polished pink diamonds exceeding 10 carats.

Will it sparkle incandescently in a striking diamond engagement ring? Or perhaps star in magnificent diamond jewellery? Whatever destination the Argyle Pink Jubilee is bound for, one thing is certain. While natural beauty is this stellar stone’s birth-right, plenty of careful craftsmanship will be invested to ensure its unsurpassed shine. Beginning with 10 full days of cut and polish treatment. Rigorous grading by international experts comes next. Then global showcase to the diamond buying elite. Finally – introduction to diamond pools of the blessed. An invitation-only tender will determine a lucky owner for the Argyle Pink Jubilee.

Diamonds delight in royal treatment

Royalty has long regaled diamonds as the gem of choice. Yet pink diamonds hold a class all their own. Loose pink diamonds have dazzled in some of the most famous royal jewellery pieces.

Pink diamonds may rightly be considered a feminine domain. Yet such a stone was awarded by King Louis XIII to Louis de Bourbon in recognition of his wartime valour. This stunning 9 carat pear shaped pink diamond was later set in the French crown.

Australia’s Argyle Pink Jubilee shares similar hues with the famous Williamson Pink. This 24 carat beauty was unearthed by Tanzanian miners in 1947. It found fame as a wedding gift bestowed upon Queen Elizabeth II. Later the precious diamond graced a beautiful Cartier brooch in celebration of her coronation.

Hollywood royalty shares pink diamond fascination too. Such sparklers have adorned:

  • Mariah Carey in a 17-carat pink diamond engagement ring
  • Portia de Rossi in a pink diamond engagement ring given by Ellen de Generes
  • Nicole Kidman in a $4m Bulgari pink diamond necklace
  • Salma Hayek in a 6.17 carat pink diamond

Indeed royalty and celebrities will be amongst those vying for ownership of the rare Argyle Pink Jubilee. To achieve custodianship of a truly unique stone. Argyle pink diamonds possess unfathomable beauty and Jubilee is fairest of them all. Whether this gem is destined for museum exhibition, prime auction house offering or exquisite jewellery adornment. Argyle Pink Jubilee will certainly be one of the world’s most revered diamonds.

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