Diamonds Are Forever And Other Movies

Diamonds inspire us to all sorts of things. If you’ve ever seen one of those extreme proposals (like sky diving in with an engagement ring) you’ll know what we mean.

These entrancing gems really have us under their spell. So much so that we’ve got all manner of products, proverbs, performers and places named after them.

So, just for fun, let’s have a look at some big time movie titles with a diamond shimmer.


Ashes and Diamonds, 1958

An award-winning foreign drama about the end of World War II. Somehow, even though the community is united during German occupation, things turn ugly when freedom is gained.

Jack of Diamonds, 1967
Starring the inimitable George Hamilton as the protege of a famous cat burglar. He lets himself get talked into a daring jewel heist by a much less accomplished crook.

Diamonds are Forever, 1971

Cripes. It seems like a long time ago that Sean Connery as 007 hit the big screen in this one. An epic Bond tale about smugglers, extortion … and bringing the baddies to justice in dashing style.

Just Ask for Diamond, 1988
A British comedy based on “The Falcon’s Malteser”, first book in The Diamond Brothers series. Paid to baby-sit a confectionary box, two brothers don’t take much convincing to check out the contents.

Diamonds, 1999

The all star cast includes Kirk Douglas, Lauren Bacall and Dan Ackroyd. If you haven’t seen it the story-line follows an ex-prize fighter searching for 13 missing diamonds.

Snatch, 2000
If you’re thinking ‘what the’ … read on. Guy Ritchie’s masterpiece about illegal boxing, Russian gangsters and jewel thieves has an alternative title. You guessed it … “Diamonds”.

Diamonds to Dust, 2014

OK, so this one hasn’t been released yet. But it’s worth a mention as the movie adaptation of Frank Ferruccio’s popular book. It’s about the life of Jayne Mansfield. And, of course, they kept the title.

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