Enchanting Emerald Cut Diamonds

Ah, Emerald cut diamonds.  Gaze into a pure glacier of icy perfection. These stones showcase the full depth of individual loose diamonds. Touched with the magic of unique character and crystal clear clarity.

Emerald diamonds delight in a singular fashion. These glorious stones tempt wholesale or online diamond buyers to ‘think outside the square’.

Elegant elongated lines coupled with classic beauty. It is small wonder that emerald craftsmanship soon became a coveted diamond cut. Emerald cut diamonds are known as a step cut. More generously sized facets are set in rows reminiscent of a staircase. Certainly emerald cut diamonds may not boast the lustre of sparkle of other brilliants. Yet few stones can rival the pristine clarity and colour gifted to emerald cut diamonds by their large open facet table.

Art Deco ardour for loose emerald diamonds

Loose diamonds are versatile gems capable of modelling a variety of cuts with flawless glory. So diamond craftsmen were struck by the romance emulated by a cut developed specifically for emeralds. Emeralds themselves are prone to natural impurities and fractures imposed by nature. The Emerald cut was designed to minimise such flaws yielding immaculate gems. Yet the unique appeal of this cut won the hearts of historic diamond aficionados. How splendid then to transpose such sophisticated elegance from emerald gems to diamonds. Indeed that is just what occurred.

Emerald cut diamonds became iconic from the outset. It is believed that Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented the first emerald cut diamond engagement ring to Mary of Burgundy in 1477. Paving the way for many other loose emerald diamonds to win historic acclaim. Like:

  • Portuguese diamond – a delectable 127.01 carat stone of near flawless clarity and unique octagonal Emerald cut
  • Porter Rhodes diamond – featuring a magnificent 54.99 carats this enchanting Emerald cut diamond was bought by Graff Diamonds of London at a 1987 Sotheby’s New York auction.

Loose diamond legacy of the Emerald cut

Before diamond buyers scoured online and wholesale stores, the Emerald cut diamond hit a popularity peak. Reigning supreme as the gem of choice throughout the Art Deco period. So has this superlative stone faded into obscurity with the advent of exciting new fancy cuts? Quite the opposite. Emerald cut diamonds have carved a glittering niche as antique or heirloom jewellery. As always diamond buyer preferences are closely influenced by celebrity trends. So powerful Emerald cut diamond desire is unsurprising given some famous afficionados of this cut.

Camilla Parker Bowles glistens royally in her beautiful Emerald cut diamond ring. A gift from the ever-adoring Prince Charles. Meanwhile Jennifer Lopez traded ‘the block’ for a 4-carat Emerald cut diamond. How could she refuse Chris Judd’s marriage proposal when presented with such an irresistible diamond engagement ring. Then there is Sharon Stone’s stunning 3.5 carat ring set with three Emerald cut diamonds. Sparkling commemoration of her son Rhone’s adoption by Phil Bronstien. And who could overlook Elizabeth Taylor’s 30 carat Emerald cut diamond engagement ring given by third husband, Michael Todd. Other Tinsel town sirens who have said ‘I do’ to emerald diamond rings include:

  • Nicole Richie
  • Melania Trump
  • Beyonce
  • Eva Longoria

Certainly impassioned Emerald cut diamond desire is sweeping the rich and famous. So this classic cut seems certain to continue its rise in popularity.

Quality as unerring as rough loose diamonds

Quality is the quintessential cornerstone of loose Emerald cut diamonds. Certainly online and wholesale diamond buyers alike must purchase within their budget. Yet gem quality is particularly important when selecting Emerald cut diamonds. Simply because this step cut naturally gives stronger pronouncement of flaws. With this in mind you will find Emerald cut diamonds generally less expensive that other brilliants. Whether you are being wooed by loose stones or exquisite diamond jewellery.

Yet Emerald cut diamonds lay claim to several boasts that make them intensely desirable. Different facet structure ensures that Emerald cuts are innocent of ‘bow tie’ effect. So divine purity of clarity and colour blesses your Emerald cut diamond or jewellery.

By design Emerald cut diamonds are highly versatile. Truncated corners minimise the risk of damage to the gem’s edges during mounting. So these glorious stones sparkle incandescently as pendants, earrings and bracelets. Even exquisite diamond engagement rings.

Numerous settings are compatible with elegant Emerald cut diamonds including:

  • 4-prong setting to stablise and protect your stone
  • 3 stone ring setting to pair your emerald diamond centrepiece with sensuous side stone
  • Vintage style setting adding classic art deco pizazz to your diamond ring or jewellery
  • Side stone settings which amp up aesthetic appeal with adorable accent stones
  • Horizontal settings to optically enlarge your emerald diamond while lending unique style

Connoisseurs of classic beauty revel in the unique elegance of emerald cut diamonds. Whether loose stones or delectable jewellery fuel diamond desire. Few gems can rival Emerald cut diamonds in colour and clarity. Yet when you are buying wholesale or online, it is vital to select emerald diamonds of the highest pedigree within your budget.

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