Hammer Set Diamonds: The Hallmark Of Heavenly.

Sometimes subtly is the standout. Loose diamonds embedded flush with the surface of precious metals. This is how hammer setting helps wholesale diamonds glitter like stars on a dark clear night.

Handsome hammer set diamonds entrance those who delight in delicate understatement. As a miniature form of beautiful bezel settings, hammer set diamonds require pristine jewellery precision. Yet deliver wholesale diamond buyers with nothing less than quintessential protection of their gems.

Stones are set up to their girdle in precious metals. Meanwhile the diamond crown remains elegantly elevated above the metal surface. Because no clutching claws are visible over the stone, wearers are left with pure diamond perfection.

You may also hear hammer setting being dubbed ‘gypsy setting’ or ‘flush setting’. Yet such a splendid diamond showcase by any other name will look as sweet.

Loose diamond history under the hammer

During the wave of nineteenth century prosperity hammer set diamonds made their debut. Known more commonly in those days as gypsy setting. The hammer technique heralded formation of modern diamond ring traditions for engagement and marriage. Counterparts included the three-stone and the half-hoop diamond rings.

Contemporary wholesale diamond buyers still hanker for hammer set stones. Continuing this gorgeous settings’ affiliation with everlasting love stories. Hammer set diamonds have won popular acclaim in plain wedding bands, solitaire engagement rings and even men’s rings.

Taking diamonds in hand for any wholesale connoisseur

Certainly one of hammer setting’s greatest beauties is its ability to showcase diamonds for both genders. Lucky ladies can adorn themselves in a precious metal band of scattered diamonds. Few sights are more enticing than a gentle glitter of gorgeousness. Meanwhile the subtle sparkle of loose diamonds hammer set upon ring shoulders showcases solitaire stones to perfection.

Titanium bands have won favour with men who relish a strong robust ring. Yet many opt to have loose diamonds add interest and eye-catchment. Or simply to match with their beloved’s ring. Here is where hammer setting really shines. Allowing men a dash of diamond dazzle without compromising the clear smart masculinity of their chosen ring.

Hammer setting holds loose diamonds dear

Anyone who delights in daily dalliances with their diamonds will adore the hammer setting. Nestled snugly into the bosom of a precious metal band, diamonds are submerged in ultimate protection. Perfect for wholesale buyers who enjoy busy lifestyles. Or who simply cannot face a day without their diamonds.

Hammer settings are often held culprit for dulling diamond brilliance through submersion in precious metal. Yet clever craftsmanship can counteract such results. Discerning wholesale diamonds buyers may even use this reputation of hammer setting to their advantage. Selecting stones of lesser brilliance to achieve fine diamond shine on a budget.

Contemporary diamond couture would be incomplete without the clean delicately contoured charm of hammer setting. Truly a modern miracle worker in supporting diamond ring beauty. Hammer setting offers pristine loose diamond protection and marvellously mild splendour. So wholesale diamonds buyers can nail understated glisten every day.

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