HPHT Coloured Diamonds

Coloured diamonds are incredibly rare and costly. Sadly, their rarity and cost often means the diamond buyer can miss out on an opportunity to ever own a coloured diamond. Fortunately, rather than be forever longing, High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) coloured diamonds offer a cost effective alternative.


HPHT coloured diamonds are rather  boutique. If you are considering purchasing one don’t be surprised if your mates haven’t heard of them. HPHT diamonds are not commonly sold in retail stores. Therefore it is also important to walk away from any jeweller who says they have not heard of HPHT diamonds or attempt to minimise their superiority. Remember, HPHT diamonds are only offered by the best jewellers.

To help you better understand these stunning coloured diamonds we have complied a quick guide for you.


HPHT Process

Rarely are diamonds perfectly formed. Some stones have not completely evolved prior to being mined. Their colour is therefore, “hidden” inside the stone.

HPHT technology recreates the process that takes place deep inside the Earth’s crust. Essentially, it  imitates the Earth’s pressure and heat. The selected diamonds are subjected to an extremely high pressure and temperature environment. The process  reveals the diamonds natural stunning colour. It also enhances a diamonds natural beauty.

Also, the results are so stunning that the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) endorses and certifies HPHT diamonds.



HPHT technology can only be applied to diamonds of superior clarity (VVS2 to flawless). Consequently, you can not purchase a HPHT diamond of inferior clarity. Diamonds graded by GIA are valued according to their clarity and colour. In purchasing a HPHT coloured you can be confident that you are wearing a rare and unique diamond of the highest quality.



Each time you wear a glistening HPHT Diamond, you can be confident you are wearing genuine diamonds. Importantly, they are not synthetic or man made. The diamonds are so perfectly formed, research has confirmed, it is impossible to discern a HPHT coloured diamond from a naturally evolved coloured diamond.



It can be really difficult if not impossible to find a naturally coloured diamond that has the colour saturation and intensity you may desire.

However, you do not have to be forever without a gorgeous coloured diamond. HPHT diamond colour saturation is vivid and permanent and fortunately for you, are available in a range of colours including: pink, yellow, cognac, pumpkin,  blue, green, red and black each in various shades and intensity.

Furthermore, coloured diamonds are a great addition to engagement rings, celebration rings, earrings and bracelets.


We have a range of exquisite HPHT diamonds available at Australian Diamond Wholesale Brokers. We invite you to please contact us to inspect our range.