The Life Of Wholesale Diamonds

Wholesale diamonds are sometimes offered directly to the public. But it’s important to do your homework before making an investment. Not every diamond dealer sells wholesale direct and not all loose diamonds are wholesale stones.

Firstly you need to know a little about the market. Unlike that sparkling diamond engagement ring (or other products you just go into a shop and buy), gem quality stones make several movements before reaching a jeweller.

Diamond mining

World deposits are limited and although there are a small number of mines in Asia, North America and Australia, the vast majority of gem quality diamonds are mined in Africa.

That might be where the uncut stones come from, but it’s not where you’ll find expert gemstone cutters and polishers. So the first wholesale diamond movement is from mine to polisher.

Cutting and polishing

A huge proportion of modern diamonds are cut in Surat, India. But there’s still a great many quality stones produced in traditional centres like Antwerp, London, Amsterdam, New York and Tel Aviv.

Here the basic ingredients are transformed into stunningly desirable fine cut gems of all shapes and sizes. Then it’s time for your wholesale diamond to make its next move.

International diamond trade

Melbourne is a long way from the world’s leading diamond centres. So, Australian diamond wholesalers need reliable gemstone contacts. These sources usually take many years to establish high trust relationships with. But thankfully, it’s no longer necessary to make the regular long haul travel to view and purchase wholesale gems.

Today, advanced technology is used to keep diamond suppliers and their local wholesalers in touch. Large wholesale databases are available with instant stock level indicators. Many even include fine cut diamond photos the wholesaler can view in their office, on the computer.

Your local jeweller

Master jewellers design stunning diamond jewellery for stock and custom made commissions. But they still need to purchase materials. Jewellers buy gold, gemstones and diamonds wholesale. Sometimes, these are offered as loose stones through a retail outlet. These loose diamonds aren’t sold wholesale. Jewellery stores are retail environments where prices reflect materials cost, time, effort, expertise and profit.

Wholesale diamonds to public

With the modern technology available today that lists global fine cut diamond availability, some diamond wholesalers are able to sell gemstones direct to the public. Often this means waiting for a stone to ship internationally. So, it’s important to have trust and confidence in the wholesale diamond company. Not all have a qualified gemmologist who can provide advice about your diamond investment (before you spend a cent) or inspect your stone when it arrives.

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