Loose diamonds – what are they and how to use them

Loose diamonds are gaining popularity. And there’s a few good reasons why. Of course, diamonds are a girls’ best friend. But these glamorous chunks of ice on fire are more versatile than you think.

What’s a loose diamond really?

Basically, loose diamonds are stones that haven’t been mounted. That means they’re yet to grace a piece of fine jewellery.

Sometimes stones are removed from a setting for re-use. These usually feature older style cuts. Such gems may be beautiful or have sentimental value. In fine jewellery terms, though, they’re actually second hand.

Most buyers choose loose diamonds for flexibility. When you begin with a gem like this, you can design the engagement ring of your choice.

Custom made jewellery

More jewellers than ever are now making items to individual design. Many master jewellers also offer creative design services. So you can create a personal piece from the loose diamond(s) you’ve selected. With all the help, tips and hints you need to get it right.

Plenty of couples choose custom made diamond engagement rings. By creating a personal look, set with their choice of loose diamond, makes the ring a true reflection of the partnership.

Of course custom made jewellery isn’t limited to engagement rings. When you start with loose diamonds, the sky’s the limit. From pendants to earrings, bracelets and beyond.

Diamonds for investment

Modern technology has given us access to loose diamonds at wholesale prices. And diamonds can make a great investment. But it is important you get to know what represents value.

The four key factors in diamond grading are Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. They’re called the 4Cs. But these aren’t the only features that give diamonds value.

Certification from a respected lab, like GIA is essential if you’re buying loose diamonds for investment. Laser inscribing is also well worth considering.

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