The path to pure perfection paved in diamonds

Pure perfection: pave diamond setting. Imagine the awe invoked by a wholly encrusted surface with barely a glimpse of precious metal in sight. Simply a shimmering ‘street’ cobbled by loose diamonds.

Elusive elegance is the pavé setting trademark. Oftentimes wholesale diamond seekers learn of this gorgeous setting for the first time when browsing jewellers. Yet such distinctive diamond delight soon scintillates prospective purchasers with its unique charms. Particularly as the petite diamonds used in pave setting do not attract the princely price tags of other gem counterparts. So even wholesale buyers on a strict budget can revel in a gorgeously glittering diamond statement. Just another perk of pave mounting.

Pave: painstaking work for diamond setters

Pave diamond setting demands enduring craftsman patience and skill. Such shimmering diamond surface is achieved through the setting of many petite round diamond tightly together. Each diamond must appear identical in size and weigh only a few points. Furthermore, every stone is cut with 58 facets and held fast by miniature prongs. Yet to the naked eye only exquisitely miniscule areas of precious metal is visible. Set in pave styling these tiny pieces of loose diamond preciousness assail the eye with glorious sparkle.

Pave diamonds prove all that glitters is not gold

Splendid glow is the proud boast of pave diamond jewellery. Yet minimisation of precious metal encasement is a must for pave diamonds to truly shine. So yellow gold banding is not favoured as it counteracts such intricacy. Certainly yellow gold bands can still display pave diamonds beautifully. Yet the distinctive hue and strength of the metal band may overshadow the trademark pave diamond glisten. Wholesale diamond buyers will get premium sheen from their pave settings with bands in:

  • White gold
  • Platinum

Diamond joy for jewellery

A cobbled pavement of diamonds is surely the ultimate reflection of eternal love. Such beaded beauty has made pave setting immensely popular in engagement and wedding rings. Accent diamonds in pave setting are bound to invoke a resounding ‘yes’ when gracing an engagement ring. Pave set diamonds can flank engagement ring centrepieces as sumptuous side stones. Or wrap statement stones in a direct embrace for glittering glory.

Wedding bands can also achieve icy perfection with pave diamonds. Choose a single row of diamonds for minimalist elegance. Or take the opportunity to evoke opulence with multiple rows of pave diamonds.

Diamonds fit for pave display

Pave setting could accommodate almost any diamond shape. Yet round brilliants reign supreme as the pave muse of choice. Princess cuts also enjoy some popularity, particularly in pave diamond rings.

Versatility remains one of pave setting’s many virtue. While enjoying premium popularity in bridal diamond rings, wholesale buyers can strut their pave stuff in:

  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Rings
  • Many other jewellery styles

Pave vs. micropave

Often ‘pave’ and ‘micropave’ are used interchangeably. Yet several differences distinguish these setting styles from each other. Micro-pave diamonds are even smaller than those used in pave setting. Each must be exactly the same size. So micro-pave setting has only become possible with contemporary technological breakthroughs that enable such precision. Indeed, many consider that authentic micro-paving can only be achieved through 100 per cent hand-craftsmanship.

Pave makes your most marvellous diamond mosaic

Wholesale diamonds buyers impassioned by pave setting are certainly walking down a shimmering path. Yet quality craftsmanship is the ultimate vanguard of pave set diamonds. So diminutive the diamonds and their settings that lower quality workmanship could result in some stone loss. Remember to clean your pave diamond jewellery regularly too for pristine sheen.

Abide by these simple rules of thumb to enjoy enduring elegance from your pave diamond masterpiece. Indeed pave diamonds set you literally rolling in diamonds. Truly a dream come true.

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