Golden yellow coloured diamond

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Golden yellow coloured diamond

Our yellow diamonds come in just two shades; Canary Yellow and Golden Yellow. Canary Yellow is slightly brighter, while golden yellow comes with warmer undertones. Yellow diamonds are particularly popular as they go well with both white and yellow gold.

Tips on buying – Yellow diamonds can come with undertones of green, brown or orange. None of these are particularly desirable; our HTHP diamonds are of the purest yellow possible. The HPHT process is quite difficult to carry out, our HPHT yellow diamonds are on the more expensive side of our price range, Also, black inclusions can easily be seen in a yellow diamond thereby we never select diamonds with black inclusions.

Our yellow diamonds come in two shades Canary Yellow & Golden Yellow and are available in Rounds, Princes’ cuts and also various special cuts. Our Rounds vary from 0.50 ct to 5 cts, while our Princes’ cuts vary from 0.50 ct to 3.5 cts. We also carry Pears, Marquises, Ovals, Radiants, Cushions, Asschers & Emerald cuts from 0.50 cts upwards.