The 3 Ways to Buy Diamond Engagement Rings

When it comes to diamond engagement rings, it may seem like the choices are endless. And, to an extent that’s right. You do have a big choice of diamond shapes, settings, mounts and styles. There’s your budget to consider too. But in the end, you’ll make a choice from one of three.

What do we mean by that? Well, diamond engagement rings come in three basic types:

  • Off-the-shelf
  • Build your own
  • Custom ring design


Off-the-shelf diamond engagement ring

If you’re thinking off-the-rack clothing, you’re right on the money here. These are the sort of rings you’ll find mostly in big chain jewellery shops. You know the sort. There’s one in every shopping mall. You look in the window at the lovely sparking gems, wander in to try one on and buy there and then.

For the most part, Off-the-shelf jewellery (including diamond engagement rings) is factory made. Typically you’ll find these rings are made in 9 carat gold. The styles tend to follow popular design, but may be made up of several smaller stones instead of one large solitaire.

In general, an Off-the-shelf ring will be of lower weight and feature darker, less clean gemstones.

Build your own diamond engagement ring

Build your own rings are an online phenomenon. The web has made wholesale diamonds are now more accessible than ever. But what good is an awesome loose diamond when you actually want a stunning diamond engagement ring? Enter the ring builder.

A diamond engagement ring builder lets you take a selected stone and try it in different styles. You can make online choices from a wide range of pre-made ring components. That’s anything from choosing the gold or platinum metal to your gemstone mount or even a complete setting.

Most ring builders are offered by overseas internet businesses. That means buy before you try.


Custom diamond engagement ring design

Custom ring design is a really personal experience. All diamond engagement rings are, in some way, a reflection of the couple. So your ring tells your story. An experienced jewellery designer will work with you to do just that.

A custom made ring begins life with you and the jewellery designer. You can share ideas from magazines, shops … even features you liked from a ring builder. Some designers use CAD so you can even see the ring emerging right through the process. Then it’s off to a master jeweller.

Custom diamond engagement rings are hand made by a jewellery artisan. Each and every piece is crafted just for you.

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