The Secret of Shimmering Diamonds

Diamond cleaning is an important part of your gemstone care.  Diamond may be the hardest substance on earth. But that doesn’t mean yours can’t get damaged or dirty. Many diamond settings are good at trapping dirt and dust too. This build-up blocks the light from your gemstone and dulls the beautiful shimmer it had when new.

So how do you keep diamonds looking their best?

Firstly, it’s important to handle your stone sparingly. Our skin has natural oils that diamonds just love to collect. So try and let others admire your jewellery without the need for lots of touching.

Also, be aware that chips and nicks are easier to cause than you realise. Especially if you’re handing an heirloom item or delicately cut fine diamond. If you intend to clean your diamond with an old toothbrush for example, use a light touch so you don’t risk damaging the stone(s).

Regular care and cleaning will keep your diamonds at their sparkling best. A routine visit to the jeweller is a good idea once a year or so. That way, you can be sure your setting is secure and have pieces thoroughly. But you can keep up their good work at home too.

Best diamond cleaning products

There’s a wealth of old-wives tales about how to keep your diamonds clean. Some swear by Vodka or Gin, but you’re probably better off putting those to another use.

Most jewellers sell commercial jewellery cleaners. Often these come with a handy basket and soft brush that makes cleaning and rinsing nice and simple.

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) recommends overnight soaking in an ammonia-based cleaning product once or twice a week. Typically, this would be a widow cleaner but you should take care to avoid harsh cleaning products.

If you aren’t sure, use this recipe for home made diamond cleaner.

Make your own diamond cleaner

1/3 cup ammonia
1/3 cup detergent
1/3 cup warm water

in an air tight container for up to 3 months.

a soft fine-bristle brush to remove dirt and grease. Leave diamond to soak for 2 hours or overnight. Rinse in warm water and dry carefully using a soft cotton cloth.

With just a little TLC, you’ll be able to keep your engagement ring and other diamond jewellery looking like new.

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