Uniquely Ravishing Radiant Diamond Engagement Rings.

Radiant by name, radiant by nature. Loose diamonds cut as radiant fuse traditional elegance with immeasurable brilliance. Such was the dream of master cutter and radiant diamond creator, Henry Grossbard. Diamond wholesalers showcase radiants as sensational engagement ring and jewellery settings.

Perhaps even glorious loose stones ready to make an admirer’s diamond dream come true. Rich in history, radiants are considered to father of ‘branded’ fancy shaped diamonds. Resplendent with dazzling sparkle, radiant ardour remains high amongst diamond lovers today.

Serendipitous union gleams in every radiant diamond. Echoing everlasting love and romance that this glorious cut symbolises. Every radiant diamond brings alive the vision of Henry Grossbard all over again. Henry Grossbard sought to unite the iconic brilliance of round diamonds with the historic style of emerald and Asscher diamonds. So a beautiful new diamond cut was born – the radiant. Designed with 70 facets for maximum brilliance. Offering a choice of a square or rectangular stone with meticulously cut corners.

Released to the world in 1977, radiant diamonds heralded a popularity boom for square and rectangular diamonds. Simultaneously the advent of radiant diamonds ushered in a new era of diamond cutting innovation. Many of the fancy cuts adorning diamond wholesalers and online buying centres were born of the ‘radiant revolution’.

Radiant diamonds take hold of Hollywood

Celebrity trends are followed the world over. So radiant diamonds are gaining increasing popularity as gorgeous engagement ring centrepieces. Since decade one of the 21st century, famous beauties have said “yes” to ravishing radiant diamond engagement rings. Such celebrities include:

  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Khloe Kardashian
  • Brooke Mueller
  • Hilary Duff

So love-struck diamond aficionados are making a beeline to diamond wholesalers in search of radiant stones. All spoiling for a slice of star quality.

Rare radiance in loose diamonds

Brilliance is a radiant cut diamond’s measure. Here is the only diamond cut to have brilliant cut facets pattern on both crown and pavilion. So incredible fiery dazzle emanates from every angle of these splendid loose diamonds. Yet there is method behind the magic of such facet arrangements. Flaws are particularly difficult to see in radiant diamonds, especially by the naked eye. Radiant diamonds can, however, be afflicted by the bow tie effect. Poor or insufficient cutting can cause a highly visible dark area to appear upon the diamond. Bow tie shadowing mars your radiant diamond’s brilliance and clarity.

Pay close attention to colour and carat weight too, as these can influence a radiant’s pure beauty. Fancy colour diamonds are a popular choice for radiant cuts. Perfect synchronicity of shape, proportion and faceting intensifies colour. Creating eye-catching hues of depth and beauty.

Radiant diamonds bring wearers an added bonus. Shallow cutting style ensures loose and jewellery set radiant diamonds look bigger than they actually are. So admirers will be scintillated by your generously sized rock.

Marrying loose radiant diamonds with ‘dream’ settings

Diamond engagement rings dazzle with radiant statement stones. So too do pendants and other diamond jewellery. Yet settings can be a remarkable influencer in a loose diamond’s ultimate beauty.

When set with other stones, a radiant’s trimmed corners yield gorgeous versatility. Square side stones or round. Take your pick as radiant diamonds look enchanting with either.

Prong setting reigns supreme as the favoured radiant diamond setting. Four prongs are typically engaged to protect corners and secure your precious stone.

Perhaps you would like to highlight your radiant diamond in a three stone engagement ring setting. Customise your diamond engagement ring and make a romantic match between your radiant and side stones like Baguette, Princess or Trillion. Your radiant centrepiece will sparkle incandescently. Alternatively you can pair your radiant with petite accent gems in a stunning side stone setting.

Roll out your radiants

Seek a uniquely shaped diamond without compromising brilliance? Radiant stones answer your deepest diamond desires.  You’ll catch admirers’ glances all day and evening long with irresistible light reflections. Not to mention impeccable style.

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