What you need to know about Diamond Earrings

With the auction of the worlds most expensive diamond earrings taking place through Sotheby’s auction house we have decided to break down the ever so popular diamond earring.

While we know it would be a luxury for diamond lovers to purchase the Apollo, a 14.5 blue carat diamond and Artremis, a 16 carat pink diamond, sold together as a pair of diamond earrings, most investors cannot afford the $100 million dollar price tag.

With this in mind we have tabled some tips to purchase the perfect pair for you



Fortunately diamond earrings do not need to be perfect. Given they are often hiding behind hair they are not inspected as thoroughly as a diamond ring. Therefore the buyer can consider a stone of a lesser clarity, as imperfections are not as visible.


Coloured stones

While we have acknowledged that most can’t afford the Artremitis and the Apollo it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your own pair of slightly smaller coloured diamond earrings. Here at ADBW we can help you save on your investment further by offering you a selection of HPHT coloured diamond to place in your choice of earrings.



Diamond lovers often enjoy the freedom afforded in purchasing a pair of diamond earrings. Earrings can be made in a range of settings and styles. We here at ADBW have a range of diamond earrings available for you to choose from. However, we are also experts at recreating the design of your choice. We can handcraft a range of styles from stud through to drop style earrings and have a range of metals for you to choose from.



Diamond earrings are usually available in .25carat and upward. When selecting your size we do encourage you to consider comfort when selecting your stone. We can and have made exceptionally large diamond earring. However, a pair of 4 carat diamond earrings can be difficult to wear daily. Ordinarily, clients prefer to buy stones up to about 2 carat for each ear.



Regardless of the diamonds you choose most people want to be confident that their investment will remain set. At ADBW we encourage our clients to invest in “screw backs” for their diamonds earrings. Screw backs are threaded; the butterfly that secures the backing is woven onto the stem to secure the earring in place. These settings are superior to the smooth set stem.