What’s the price of a 1 carat diamond?

One carat diamonds are a favourite for engagement rings. So it might seem pretty reasonable to ask how much. In fact, even if you asked the price of an E colour VVS2 stone, this question is one your diamond wholesaler will find difficult to answer.

More information please

Like all diamonds, 1 carat stones are graded on a set of quality indicators. The most common of these are the 4Cs. So, when you ask how much for a one carat, VVS2, E – there simply isn’t enough information to get an accurate price.

Quite apart from the 4Cs, there are indicators gemmologists use to verify the quality of a diamond. This, in turn, is what determines each individual gemstone’s price. So, if you get a price indication at all, it will be an estimate only.

Some of the information your diamond wholesaler needs to prepare a quote includes:

  • Type of 1 carat stone – full, heavy, shy or true?
  • Cut or proportion – ideal, excellent, good, very good
  • Colour– within its classification is the stone graded 1 -5
  • Signature – for example Hearts & Arrows, Kaplan or Eightstar
  • Fluorescent – is there a strong, medium or any fluorescence

Next in pricing diamonds

Once some detail on the type and proportion of a diamond is known, a gemmologist can inspect the crown and pavilion angles. This will determine how straight and true the cut is … the factors most responsible for return of light.

There are also things you and your jeweller should consider about a diamond that will impact its price. These days, one carat gems are available in natural, lab created and treated forms. This detail is very important in determining price.

Then there are ethical considerations such as whether the stone is a blood diamond. Or even if the gem is new. Yes, it is possible your 1 carat diamond has been sourced from another piece of jewellery. That’s OK if you buy it in full knowledge. But otherwise, deal with diamond trader whose word you can trust.

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