Wholesale Diamonds Fit For A Princess

Princess cut diamonds lend royal splendour to any occasion. Coveted for setting versatility especially in diamond engagement rings, this stunning shape boasts scintillating geometric beauty that glistens in every facet.

Usually shaped in square proportions, featuring sharp corners, Princess cut diamonds delight with their clean contemporary lines and optimum fire.  With a general facet count of 76 these gemstones can outshine their round brilliant counterparts in luminosity and light refraction. All with wholly individual character that stands out from the crowd.

Regal evolution of a ‘royal’ cut for loose diamonds

Shakespeare tells us that ‘a rose by any other name would smell as sweet’. Princess cut diamonds had their advent under a different name too. At the master hand of Arpad Nagy, a London diamond cutter, the Profile cut assisted truly flat diamonds to achieve their full beauty.

Another forerunner was the Barion , lovingly nicknamed by its creator in honour of his wife, Marion. Barion cut founder Basil Watermeyer of South Africa is believed to have patented his gleaming creation. As such, Barion diamonds have been under restricted availability for many decades. So beautiful was the cut that master diamond craftsmen continued to fashion gems in its image. Artfully sidestepping patent limitations, these diamonds became known as Princess cut stones.

Yet Princess cut diamonds had further to evolve. Following intensive optical research, the modern style was born. This gorgeous cut brings bright luminosity to loose diamonds was the inspired work of three master cutters. Around the world, Diamond lovers have Ygal Perlman, Betzalel Ambar, and Israel Itzkowitz to thank for Princess cut perfection.

Princess diamonds play the ‘fame game’

Celebrities have the world at their feet. Fabulous freedom to select whichever stunning gems they desire. So the ardour with which Hollywood’s who’s who choose Princess cut diamonds is revealing.

  • Star Jones famous fingers wear a 7 carat Princess cut diamond set in platinum
  • Disney darling Hilary Duff boasts a 14 carat Princess cut diamond engagement ring
  • Jaime Pressly discerningly chose a Princess diamond as the glittering centerpiece to her engagement ring

Certainly this famous trend has helped the superb square shapes achieve new popularity.  In fact, this cut is second only to the round brilliant in terms of demand. Recently diamond wholesalers and online boutiques have experienced a spike in Princess cut diamond buyers. So much so that these gemstones have travelled into the ‘in crowd’ upon a gleaming pathway. The gorgeous cut is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular choice for diamond rings.

Superiority squared: princess cut diamonds boast many allures

Girls of all ages adore feeling like a princess and few other stones can conjure such sensation. By virtue of the cut alone, inclusions and colour imperfections are naturally minimised. So even less than perfect stones dazzle incandescently as the artful Princess cut gleams with brilliance.

The Princess shape finds symmetry with natural square geometrics and depth.  Gem width, depth, symmetry and facet alignment are important factors in determining the Princess cut’s generous light return and sparkle. Wholesale and online buyers are advised to seek skilfully cut diamonds with optimum clarity.

Buyers should bear in mind the fragility of square cut stones. While delicacy is a wonderful attraction in diamonds, the Princess shape’s girdle and corners are chipping-prone. So setting choice is important. Four v-shaped prongs are essential to protect each corner.

The unique character and beauty of princess cut diamonds make them popular engagement ring choices. Paired with baguettes, trilliants or channel-set side diamonds to maximise the icy fire of your solitaire.

Some contemporary princesses adore well proportioned ‘rocks’. Princess cut diamonds answer this call by appearing 15 per cent larger than round brilliants of the same carat weight.

Elegantly slender fingers are the hallmark of any princess. Yet over-elongated digits are not always desirable. Princess cut diamonds diminish the appearance of long fingers, while complementing lovely hands.

Even modern princesses must adhere to a budget. These diamonds are between 20 to 30 per cent less expensive that round brilliants. Making these stones a delightful choice for budget-wise brides to be.

Pure perfection in every Princess cut diamond

Regale yourself in superlative scintillation and light refraction fit for a princess. The strong yet feminine geometric lines of Princess cut diamonds are the perfect choice for confident modern diamond lovers. Or simply connoisseurs of the contemporary unique. Glorious as diamond engagement ring heroes or luxuriously loose diamonds. You will hold captivated court in pristine Princess cut diamonds.

Inspired by this perfect Princess Cut? Customise your perfect engagement ring around the perfect diamond.