9 Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Rings

When it comes to choosing the perfect stone for your perfect engagement ring, we don’t have to stop at diamonds. While diamonds have certainly been the most common choice in recent years, there are many other beautiful stones that are fit to be made the feature of your custom ring. Whether you’d like to add colour to offset more traditional diamonds in your setting, or otherwise stand out from the crowd by ditching diamonds altogether, we’ll work with you to choose the perfect stone to suit the wearer’s personality and last a lifetime.


This beautiful mineral comes in many colours, but its glorious black variety would make for an impressive and mysterious engagement ring. Paired with other black or clear stones, or simply set on its own, an onyx ring will make a statement every day.



A variety of quartz, citrine is often found in deep orange and golden-yellow colours. It’s an affordable stone which looks magnificent when well-faceted. This happiness-inducing gem will pair perfectly as a feature stone set alongside smaller diamonds or other clear stones.



This semi-precious stone is generally hard-wearing and comes in an abundance of colours including black Schorl, pinkish-red Rubellite, blue-green Indicolite and green Verdelite (or Brazilian Emerald) varieties. You’ll be sure to find the perfect colour and setting to reflect your personality.



Typically brilliant blue, sapphires hark back to a time before the diamond was queen of the engagement ring. They were used in medieval times to symbolise love and commitment. Princess Diana’s famous sapphire engagement ring is now worn by Princess Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. A feature-set blue sapphire will add elegance to your everyday.


This tough gemstone is built to last and makes for a ring that will truly last a lifetime. It comes in pink to blood-red varieties and symbolises strength, courage and joy. It is the perfect option for the engagement ring of someone who likes to stand out from the crowd.


This mystical blue-green stone is formed naturally over millions of years. It does require some extra care as it can be a little softer than some other stones, but for a luxe look this matte-look stone will pair beautifully with small clear stones in your engagement ring.


A transfixing pale blue, aquamarine will certainly provide plenty of wow-factor on a daily basis. Hard-wearing and easy to care for, this is the perfect stone for a modern engagement setting.



All that’s old is new once again, and that is certainly true for opulent opal. Once the stone that adorned the antique jewels of grandmothers world-wide, this beautiful gem is deserving of a resurgence. Catching light from every angle an opal will be an unmissable engagement ring feature.





A less commonly known gem, moissanite has a similar appearance to a diamond and offers a perfectly clear finish and similar hardness for a fraction of the price. If you’re looking to create a ring with a large feature stone this may be the choice for you. Surround a large moissanite stone with smaller diamonds and you’ll have an brilliant eye-catching piece.