Certified Engagement Ring Trends of 2018

As we begin to predict the jewellery trends of 2018, nothing is more clear than the desire of consumers to find pieces that will stand up to the test of time while still embracing the contemporary options that have entered the marketplace. While the classics will never fade, these new and popular choices are bound to be the classics of the future as styles have never been more elegant and uniquely romantic than they are today. Presented here are the top 6 choices for certified engagement rings in the coming years.


The halo engagement ring.

The halo setting provides buyers with more bang for their buck as the central diamond can appear up to a half carat larger than the actual value.

In addition to an innate elegance, this clever style of ring frequently features a collection of pavé gemstones that accentuate the bling and add to the stunning quality of the setting. The halo setting is the perfect option for smaller stones to maximise the impact of the ring.


The solitaire engagement ring.

This classic will never go out of style and with such contemporary options as rose gold and unique cuts, the solitaire engagement ring is no longer standard fare.

Consider the solitaire a staple of engagement options and look for unique qualities that make your choice stand out from the crowd. A solitaire is the ideal choice for large diamonds and gems that can stand alone without accessories to boost their impact.

Twisting and woven silhouettes.

A most romantic choice, the twisted silhouette is both contemporary and beautiful.

Unique by design, these rings provide consumers with a ring that represents the personality of the individual whilst also hinting at the importance of a custom design and attention to detail. Rather than featuring one central stone, these rings are scattered with diamonds and glitter from multiple angles. These eye-catching options are also perfect for left handed brides that would rather not have a protruding gemstone but don’t want to skimp on elegance or diamond impact.

Three stone styles.

A trinity ring is the most symbolic of the current trends in engagement offerings.

Consumers appreciate the concrete story behind a ring designed with the entire loving relationship in mind. The central diamond represents the present while the flanking stones represent the past and the future. These classics have been rising in popularity over the past few years as our culture becomes more ethereal and sentimental. In addition to the symbolism, a three-stone style ring offers stunning beauty and unparalleled class to the wearer. This style will surely stand the test of time.

The claw prong setting.

This dramatic choice is ideal for large, stand alone stones. Attention to detail makes all the difference when choosing a claw set engagement ring as quality will lead to longevity of the setting. The claw or prong set diamond is the optimum choice for large carat pieces and consumers with profound tastes. Make sure that the stones used in a claw setting are impressive, clear and cut to perfection as their appearance will be scrutinised by onlookers.

Scalloped pavé accents.

Capable of creating a profound look of grace and style, pavé accents can be incorporated into many different ring styles but an engagement band surrounded by pavé diamonds is a wonderful choice for lefties and fiancée with a tastefor elegance and a mind for practicality.


The pavé diamond is here to stay and how it is used depends on the designer but rest assured, clients are increasingly searching for rings with pavé accents and it is clear as to why. This trend in ring design adds flare and glitz to bands and when set out with a variety of other options, buyers frequently gravitate to rings with pavé diamonds incorporated into the pieces.

Buyers should be cognizant of these trends and the fact that these styles will impact more than just the coming year. These new and reimagined designs are bound to influence consumers for years to come and have a powerful voice in the creation of our next trends as well.

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