Common diamond shapes

Diamond shape refers to the appearance of the stone. Often when selecting the perfect diamond engagement ring a lot of time will be dedicated to selecting the perfect shape. To assist you to better understand the various shapes we have composed a guide to the shapes we have available at ADBW.

Round Brilliant Cut

The most popularly selected cut for engagement rings. Round Brilliant cuts are renown for their exceptional fire and brilliance. It also resembles the shape of a cone and boasts excellent light refraction properties through the top of the diamond.


Princess Cut

Describes an exceptionally brilliant square cut diamond.The most desirable Princess shape is fashioned with precision cut corners measuring 90-degrees. The diamonds colour intensity is also highlighted magnificently in the princess cut.


Emerald Cut

Rectangular in appearance. The rectangular facets step-cut into the stones pavilion produce a unique optical appearance. An Emerald cut is a perfect for a diamond of exceptional clarity due to its large appearance.


Cushion Cut

Described by some as a vintage version of the Round Brilliant cut. First introduced to the market in the late 1800’s, the Cushion cut is a square or rectangular shape with rounded corners and sides. While similar to the Round Brilliant cut it emits the light in a somewhat chunkier fashion.


Radiant Cut

Describes a hybrid of the traditional Round Brilliant and Emerald cut. The combination of the cuts produce a square or rectangular orientation.It is also designed and cut to maximise brilliance in the diamond.


Pear Cut

Pear shape is an exquisite cut for a diamond of exceptional symmetry. A pear shape is a combination of round and marquise cuts, designed to maximise brilliance. While suited perfectly for an engagement ring, pear cut diamonds make stunning earrings.


Marquise Cut

Designed especially for King Louis XIV of France, the Marquise cut emphasises  carat weight. The elongated shape highlights the size of the diamond. It is often a preferred shape for coloured diamonds.


Heart Cut

A Heart shape is essentially a pear shaped diamond with a cleft at the top. However, do not let the simple description deceive you. The heart shaped diamond is truly a labour of love. It is one of the most difficult cuts to produce. It requires great skill by the jeweler to craft the perfect heart.


Trilliant Cut

Named so due to its triangular appearance. A rare but daring cut that doesn’t often feature as the center stone. Trilliant cut diamonds are suitable  side diamond or included in a trio of diamonds, due to their stunning appearance.


Oval Cut

A classic cut known for its incredible brilliance. The Oval shape is cut with the same number of facets as a Round Brilliant diamond. It emits a similar level of fire and brilliance as well. However, the oval cut can appear larger and elongated compared to a round cut.


Asscher Cut

Originally designed in 1902, Asscher cut is often mistaken for an Emerald cut diamond. Although similar at a glance, Asscher cut is distinct from Emerald cut because it is more squared rather than rectangular. It has recently regained popularity (think Pippa Middleton) and is currently a rather desirable cut for custom made engagement rings.


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