Customisation is the Key to an Everlasting Engagement Ring

If you’ve just recently become engaged to the love of your life, have you discussed what kind of engagement ring you’ll wear? If you want to find something unique that represents your personal beliefs or even family heritage, the key is to create a customised engagment ring.

Those of you shopping in the Melbourne area won’t always find places to customise engagement rings at this level. Only select places can do this and do it well.

What’s important first is to look at the benefits of a customised ring and how it can create an everlasting engagement ring you’ll pass on for generations. While a good enough reason, other aspects can make your customised ring mean something personal now or later.

Reflecting Your Personalities

If you’re going to customise your ring, it’s important for you and your spouse to work together to come up with ideas. When finding a service doing this for you, they need as much input from you as possible so you create something representing your mutual personalities.
Maybe you’re really two different personalities (since opposites often attract), so you may want something symbolising those two personality traits.

In other cases, your upcoming marriage is perhaps more to do with shared interests. Those of you planning to go into business together can even create a branded ring that represents your shared professional endeavours.

Thanks to numerous ring types and jewellery styles available, you can integrate numerous elements to create something no one else has.

Creating a Conversation Starter in Public Places

Showing off your customised engagement ring at your wedding ceremony is going to immediately broach many great conversations. A ring that looks out of the ordinary is always going to become a great conversation starter, including long after your wedding takes place.

No matter where you go, you’ll always have your ring out front as a way to break the ice if you need to start a conversation. Many might ask you where you had your ring made. When explaining what your ring stands for, you could easily create new friendships.

The good news is if you stay married for life, you’ll always have your ring available to garner attention in places where it’s necessary.


Placing a Symbol On the Ring for Future Family Use

While you already know a customised ring can become a family heirloom far into the future, further customisation can add personalised symbols to make it more meaningful.
Maybe you have a particular family crest you want to add to the ring to represent your heritage. Or, you and your spouse can come up with your own symbol your future children or relatives would instantly recognise someday.
The best way to approach this is to sketch out your design on paper and then take it to your jewellery designer to help them visualise what you want.

Updating an Old-Fashioned Heirloom

One of the great things about customising an engagement ring is you can upgrade an existing one if you think it’s too old-fashioned.

It’s possible you’ve found an old engagement ring that belonged to your grandparents (or great-grandparents), yet don’t love the design as is. You may prefer integrating a little of the past with something contemporary to represent each generation.

You can do this with the right custom ring service, and it helps in creating a ring that’s one-of-a-kind. Fortunately, it’s always possible to remove or add things on your engagement ring if you (or your future offspring) ever want to make a change.

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