Diamond Colours: What Do They Mean?

Every diamond is unique and special to each individual. But, it is widely held that a diamond’s colour and clarity are it’s most important features.

Diamond Colour Grades:
Every diamond has it’s own colour range and some colours will be more desirable than others, it’s most desirable colour is called fine colour.

Diamonds in the colourless to light yellow range are graded from D to Z, D being colourless and Z being light yellow. In most gemstones colour is sought after, but when it comes to diamonds the rarest are the colourless diamonds. Clear white, or transparent, diamonds are usually graded G-H and are the most expensive.


Aside from colour, the clarity of the diamond is also important. The clarity of a diamond depends on the internal characteristics and blemishes of the diamond as seen under 10 X magnification. The clarity of a diamond is graded on a scale from Flawless to Included, Flawless being the rarest and most expensive.

Coloured Diamonds:
When looking for the perfect diamond it is also important to have a look at all the colour possibilities. Diamonds can range from yellow, through to red and pink, from blue to black or brown. Here we look at the characteristics and meanings of fancy coloured diamonds.

Yellow Diamonds:
Yellow diamonds are the colour closest to daylight and symbolise humility and content. They are popular and nearly 60% of all coloured diamonds are found in the fancy yellow category.

Red and Pink Diamonds:
Red and fancy pink diamonds are among the rarest and most highly priced diamonds. Red diamonds represent passion and stability. Red diamonds can reflect the flexibility necessary in relationships.


Green Diamonds:
Green diamonds are very rare and can be found in colours ranging from olive green to yellowish green. green symbolises youthful vigour and activity. Green is also the colour of nature and represents nature, abundance and prosperity.

Blue Diamonds:
Blue diamonds are popular and rare, they can contain Boron, which produces and bluish grey colour, or can be hydrogen rich and emit a rich blue colour. Blue diamonds symbolise eternity, truth, devotion, clarity and peace.

Brown Diamonds:
Brown diamonds are popular and found in a wide range of intensities. They are often referred to as cognac, champagne or coffee. Brown diamonds are a more affordable colour to buy. Brown diamonds symbolise stability, order, fame and convention.

Black and White Diamonds:
Naturally occurring black diamonds are rare, so they are usually produced by irradiating green stones. Natural back diamonds lack lustre, whilst white diamonds contain a snowy or milky colour. Black is the colour of power, elegance and formality or for some people can be associated with mourning or anger. White diamonds signifies goodness, purity and cleanliness.

When looking for a unique diamond there are many colours to choose from. Coloured diamonds are the perfect way to embody what your loved one represents and a way to reflect the values of your relationship.

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