Does an Engagement Ring Have to Be a Diamond Solitaire?

A diamond solitaire is traditionally seen as the classic engagement ring. The stand alone stone is striking in its simplicity and unmistakably signifies that the wearer is planning to marry. There are, however, no set rules on what an engagement ring should look like, with various other options available if you’re looking to break with tradition or take a modern approach.

That said, for many a solitaire is still the style of choice, and for good reason. This classic design is timeless, with the diamond at the center of attention, in a simple or lightly adorned setting. If you are able invest in a beautiful diamond and want the stone to be emphasised with with no distractions, the solitaire will do just that. 


If the simplicity and elegance of the solitaire suits your partner’s style and personality, this is another great reason to opt for a classic. Ornate designs are not for everyone, and a purer style will allow for the opportunity to dress the ring up with a more elaborate wedding band and can also often be easier to pair with a coordinating band down the line.

Although a diamond solitaire is simple in structure, it can be customised with the choice of metal, unique settings and a variety of cuts. Some modern versions may also add accent diamonds for subtle added sparkle around the band – so there is still plenty of room to make it your own.


Breaking with tradition

If you have already began looking for your engagement ring, you will likely already be aware that there are many other styles to consider outside of the traditional solitaire. As many modern couples opt for weddings uniquely tailored to their personalities and lifestyles, why should your rings be any different?

There are lots of reasons why you may choose to opt for a design other than a solitaire. Settings with multiple stones can create more sparkle and dazzle, a three stone or center diamond surrounded by a micro-pavé halo setting for example will achieve a bigger diamond look. So if your partner prefers more bling, you can save money by selecting a style with many smaller stones rather than purchasing one large carat diamond.

Incorporating your partner’s style into an engagement ring is key when choosing such high profile piece. Shying away from a solitaire will give you the freedom to consider a range of designs to find a ring that expresses her personal style – whether that’s with an extravagant design or intricate detailing.

Vintage, romantic and luxurious style rings, all favour a less traditional setting and give the opportunity to explore more unique designs. If you’re looking to include different coloured gemstones within the ring, this is another popular reason to consider a non-solitaire ring.

Whether it’s a striking solitaire or a dazzling combination of stones that you’re looking for, speak to expert gemologist Steve Richards and create a custom engagement ring that suits your signature style.