Engagement ring buying guide Melbourne


Welcome to Melbourne: A trendy city with a world-class coffee culture, prestigious sporting history and a vibrant art scene. With a rich retail sector, you’ll never have to look far to uncover some (not so) hidden gems.

Buying a diamond is an expensive decision; and not one to make without care. When buying, consider these tips. Firstly, arm yourself with information; be sure you know your carats from your carrots. Secondly, find a reputable jeweller. Unsurprisingly, the first of these two makes the second far easier.

Know your stuff

This is key. Be sure to embark on any diamond buying project informed. You need to take control of your purchase.

Don’t know where to start with diamonds?

Don’t worry; we’re here to help.

When shopping for diamonds, remember the Four C’s: Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat – in that order.


1) Cut

The cut of a diamond does not refer to the shape of the gem. For a diamond to shine to its fullest, it must be cut to correct proportions. The correct cut is somewhat mathematical; it’s all about angles and symmetry. A well cut diamond is designed to absorb and reflect light evenly: the cut literally gives a diamond its sparkle.

As a pro-tip, we advise that cut should take priority. Compromising on cut quality in order to increase carat, for example, is generally a bad move.

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2) Colour

The colour of a diamond does not tell us that a diamond is red, white or blue. It is a scaling system that actually measures lack of colour. The less colour present, the higher the diamond scores. Totally colourless and appearing to be glimmering white is considered the ideal.


3) Clarity

A common misconception is that colour and clarity are the same thing; this is not the case. The colour refers to the overall colour of the gem. Clarity refers to the number – and the impact of – isolated imperfections. These imperfections are known in the industry as ‘inclusions’.

These inclusions can impact the distribution of the light from the diamond; a well cut diamond with high clarity will gleam and glisten.

Flawless diamonds – a stone without any impurities – are highly uncommon. Fortunately, inclusions are often impossible to see with the naked eye. As such, the value of a quality cut is considered to be greater than the value of high clarity.


4) Carat

Carat is another term often misunderstood. It does not refer to the size of the diamond, but to its weight. Since the size of a diamond depends also on its cut, carat alone does little to indicate the quality of the stone.

The Four C’s are important factors to consider in diamond purchasing; but how can you actually measure them?

This is where GIA certification applies. Always ask your jeweller if the diamonds are GIA certified. This ensures that your diamond will come with a Diamond Certificate, issued by an independent diamond laboratory. These labs do not work for jewellers; they have no reason to exaggerate gem quality. A Diamond Certificate will include the diamond’s carat, as well as gradings on each of the other three C’s. Inform yourself on these grading systems and you’re giving yourself the best chance to purchase a quality gem.


Finding a jeweller

Melbourne has an extensive number of diamond jewellers, and you should shop around. If upon meeting a jeweller you have any doubts, move on. There are countless quality retailers around Collins Street, in Melbourne’s CBD.

You should always ensure that the retailer is a qualified gemologist. Qualified gemologists are educated in the study of precious stones. They can identify and evaluate diamonds, and help you truly understand the Four C’s of gems they sell.

Ask to meet them in person, and form your own opinion. Don’t be afraid to ask a gemologist questions; only be afraid if they cannot answer them.

Testing many different jewellers in Melbourne is also strongly advised. Comparing the market allows you to judge the value of a store or diamond wholesaler.

In summary, be informed, and shop smart. Buying diamonds is no small commitment, and your jeweller should make the experience personal to you. Make sure they understand your personal and emotional motivations for buying a diamond. In this case, you’re not buying a utility, like electricity, gas or an internet connection. Stick to our basic guidelines to ensure you find the perfect high quality, great value diamond in Melbourne.
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