Engagement and Wedding Ring Combinations

Engagement and Wedding Ring Combinations

Ring combinations

A wedding follows engagement and both occasions require a ring. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider the engagement ring and wedding ring together when trying to decide which style of ring you would like to purchase.

Traditionally, the engagement ring is worn over the wedding ring. If you intend on sticking with tradition it is a good idea to consider how your engagement ring and wedding ring will fit together. Further to this, if you are really keen on keeping with tradition an eternity ring will be worn between your wedding ring and engagement ring. The eternity ring is usually gifted to the bride from the groom about a year after marriage.

While this post only discusses fashioning an engagement ring and wedding ring to fit together we encourage you to think to the future and think about your eternity ring. Eternity rings can of course be worn on any finger the bride chooses, however, if she wants to stick to tradition she is going to have to think about how comfortable three rings together will be.

To help you better consider your options we have compiled a list of possible combinations.

Classic ring combination

A plain wedding band made of white gold, yellow gold or platinum matched with an engagement ring of choice. Often when couples select this combination they match the grooms’ band to the brides’ band. It is not as commonly worn as it perhaps the early 20th century but it is still a sought after combination.


Perfect match ring  combination

Some rings are designed to fit together. Usually, this means they are of a complementary cut and  designed for comfort when worn. They also include diamonds of the same size and shape and are of the same metal.

In more recent years perfect match combination rings have become very popular and replaced the traditional combination. This is largely due to the appeal of a diamond-lined wedding ring to match the sparkle of a diamond lined engagement ring.

Mix and match ring  combination

A unique combination is formed when the bride chooses to mix and match her engagement ring and wedding ring. Quite simply, it means the bride chose a different ring to the one designed to match her engagement ring.

While a mix and match combination can be stunning and original it is important to make sure that the two rings complement each other. An ill-fitting ring combination can be uncomfortable to wear on a daily basis. If the two rings are not fitted properly they can overlap and damage your wedding ring.


However, if you are attracted to the idea of mix and match do not be put off by the possible problems. A handcrafted diamond engagement ring and wedding ring can accommodate discrepancies between the two styles of rings chosen.

We have a range of classic combinations and perfect match rings to suit your style. We can also custom make any engagement ring design of your choice to fit with your choice of wedding ring.



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