Fancy Coloured Diamonds

Fancy coloured diamonds

Fancy coloured diamonds

In diamonds, rarity equals value. With diamonds in the normal range, value is based on the absence of colour. With fancy colour diamonds the opposite is true. The most valuable and rare fancy coloured diamonds are those with the greatest colour intensity. Pure coloured diamonds are the most valuable on the market and have been known to sell for astronomical prices.

Fancy coloured diamonds are available in a range of colours and intensities. We have listed some of the most valuable for you below.

Red diamonds

Red diamonds are incredibly rare. They are so rare in fact they are scarcely found. Between 1957 through to 1987 the gemmological institute of America did not grade a single pure red diamond. The reason for this is that there are no variations with respect to grading a red diamond. Pure red diamonds are not graded in accordance with intensity. For example, light red would constitute dark or purplish pink and dark red would be considered brown or purple. Therefore, the discovery or ownership of a pure red diamond is likely to put you in the history books.

Blue diamonds

Blue diamonds are largely mined in Cullanin Pretoria. Although they have been unearthed in mines in India and Lesothothe discoveries were largely opportunistic and it is not considered likely that the diamonds will be mined outside of Pretoria. Unlike red diamonds, blue diamonds are available in various shades ranging from fancy, intense and deep blue. At present blue diamonds are estimated to appreciate between 12%-17% per year.

Pink diamonds

As with the colour in all fancy coloured diamonds, the colour in pink diamonds is assessed according to its hue, saturation and tone The hue refers to the primary and secondary colours, the saturation refers to the distribution of colour, and the tone refers to the darkness of the colour. These three factors combined means it would appear that there are a large range of pink diamonds on the market. However, there are not as many as might think. Pure, pink diamonds are almost as rare as a blue diamond. The apparent availability is due to the various shades of pink available including, champagne pink, rose pink and purplish pink.

Green Diamonds

Mined in South America and like its blue coloured cousin, authentic green diamonds are not often found. Natural radiation causes the diamond to appear green and it is not common for the green colour to be deep in a green diamond. Historically, very few pure green diamonds have actually been mined. The Dresden diamond, a 41 carat green diamond mined in 1768 is still regarded as one of the most valuable and unique green diamonds to ever be discovered. It is famous for its intense colour saturation throughout the stone. Quite often a green diamond is not as intensely coloured through out but rather, the colour intensity is a product of the colour reflecting through the surface.

Yellow diamonds

Yellow diamonds appear to be available in abundance compared to other coloured diamonds. Arguably, they are. The apparent availability is attributed to the variation in intensity and saturation. The term yellow diamond encompasses a wide variety of shades from light yellow to cognac.


Given the rarity and cost of coloured diamonds the market has responded by attempting to mimic the colour intensity of fancy diamonds artificially. The market for enhanced or treated diamonds is becoming increasingly sophisticated. We here at ADWB support the growth in the alternative fancy diamond market. Quite simply, pure coloured diamonds are outside of the normal price range for 99% of the population.


To assist you to enjoy the beauty of a coloured diamond for considerably less we invite you to book an appointment to inspect our range of HPHT coloured diamonds.



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