Gold Ring Found 18 years Later In Marseille.

Two very lucky ring owners experienced a Christmas miracle! Pascal and Nadia, a couple that wed in 1996, lost their wedding ring over 18 years ago. The gold ring had a distinguishing “twist” design around its edge and engraved with their names.

A hardware and DIY shop Leroy Merlin in Marseille La Valentine found the gold ring. Thanks to the efficiency and reach of a Facebook update they posted, Pascal and Nadia visited the store 10 days after to claim their long forgotten ring. The post titled “Ring seeks finger” was shared and its instructions were for the rightful owners to come and collect it with a proof of ownership.

After showing their marriage certificate, the couple reunited with the ring but were still bewildered with how it had landed in the shop.

The shop went to Twitter to congratulate both their staff and the couple for being at the heart of a heartwarming reunion just a few days before Christmas.

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