How to Customise a Diamond Engagement Ring In 4 Easy Steps

Deciding to propose is a wonderful step; after all, it is a gesture that truly symbolizes the love and commitment you share and a promise for a lasting future. Although the thought of a proposal may be incredibly intimidating for some, so is the thought of picking the engagement ring.

Finding the perfect ring is definitely scary. After all, you want something that is just right – that really demonstrates that you know the person well, and what they love. With all the options out there, that might be overwhelming and often, nothing feels like ‘the one’ or the right ring.

When that is the case, customising a ring is the best option. Not only does it demonstrate that you went with an option that truly shows how well you know someone, but it can take on the look and feel that you want. It is the only option that really allows you to take that perfect vision in your head, and turn into a beautiful, sparkling reality.

But what goes into customising a ring? And what is that process really like? Well, that is why we are here to guide you through it and help create the perfect ring.

1) Plan ahead

Perfecting a ring and the customisation process as a whole definitely takes time. Unfortunately, it is not an overnight process and really should not be rushed. So once you are certain that you want to propose – that is the time to start planning.

Think about all the different aspects that must be researched, what your budget is, what the timeline is and other pertinent details. Keep these organized so you can easily discuss the customisation process with jewellers as you try to find the right one.


2) Think about the details

There are many different elements that go into customising a ring – from the metal to the setting, to the stone and myriad other things. We have found some good resources to help put you deciding on a custom ring. discuss reasons why you should customise your ring and we like this article from Huffington Post.

What is really important in this process is being able to articulate your vision. Think about what kind of metals would go well with the cuts for the diamond you have in mind or if you would like to incorporate different colours and settings.

And if you do not have all of this figured out already? That is okay too! The customisation process is two-way. You can ask for advice on what would look well with what you have in mind and get other opinions in the mix too from experienced jewellers.


3) Choose the right team

Finding the right jewellers is its own process, and will require careful research and thought. You are entrusting with them a great deal of responsibility so it is essential to find a team that is reputable and that you work well with. For each jeweller, try to find more information about their past work and clients. Are there examples of previous work? Are you able to contact previous clients to get an understanding of what the customisation process is like?

Every jeweller has a different style as well, so it is also important that yours matches up with them. Look at their current offerings and try to find as much information as you can about them to ensure you are working with a team that you are comfortable with.


4) Talk it out

Collaboration is key – whether it is with you and your soon-to-be fiance, or the jewellers themselves. You are all in it together, so it is essential that you are able to speak freely and talk issues out as they arise.
You might not always see eye-to-eye, but it is important for you to express your opinion during the customisation process as well as to listen to recommendations for best practices from the jeweller. This is a collaborative process meant to commemorate a very special moment in your life, so it is critical that each party is happy with the work being done.

Inspired to customise your engagement ring? Upload your custom engagement ring design here.