How to Design a Unique Custom Engagement Ring That’s Extra Special

Your relationship is one-of-a-kind, from the life you’ve led together to your plans for the future. So it makes sense that when you decide to get engaged, the ring you choose represents this unique combination of your two personalities. More and more couples are finding that traditional retailer rings are too limited in the range of styles available, instead opting for a custom engagement ring to express their personal style.

If this is a path you’re looking to go down, it’s a great choice. Rather than compromising based on what’s available in a store, you’ll have the opportunity to create something that’s truly personal to you. By integrating elements of other ring styles and designs, whether contemporary or vintage, the result will be something completely unique.


The setting

If you’re not sure where to start, browse a few of Melbourne’s jewellers for engagement rings to see what’s already on the market and get an idea of styles and elements you’d like to include in your own design. You may notice that different ring settings are better suited to your fingers. For example narrow bands can elongate shorter fingers, with a delicate pave or solitaire setting working well. Likewise, if your hand is larger you’ll find that you can carry a bigger design beautifully and may decide to include multiple stones with a halo or three stone setting to build up something full of sparkle. Take a look at some of our tips on choosing a setting that will best compliment your fingers here.

The stone

Contrary to popular belief, an engagement ring does not have to be a classic diamond solitaire – and it doesn’t even have to include a diamond center stone. When considering ways to create a truly special ring, why not include your birthstone or favourite gemstone. From sapphires to ruby, alternative gemstones can add colour to a custom design or offset more traditional diamonds within the ring.

If your heart is set on a unique style featuring a diamond, while round cut and princess cut engagement rings are most common, brides looking for something a little different can explore other diamond shapes such as a pear, emerald or marquise.

The metal

You can then combine your chosen stone and setting with the metal of your choice. White gold and platinum have been popular for some time, but there are other options. Yellow gold, rose gold or silver may be more suited to your personal style or budget. It’s worth considering that some metals are more durable than others, so with a custom ring you can ensure that your ring fairs well over time with a metal that suits your lifestyle.


If you’re looking for more creativity within the band, consider mixing metals. Not only will this allow for more customisation, but can complement your stone choice too. The blush tones within rose gold for example, can enhance pink shades if your chosen gem is a pink sapphire or diamond. Although a polished metal is most common within engagement rings, opting for another finish can achieve an entirely unique look. Whether it be matte, brushed or hammered, there are lots of ways to add texture if you prefer an unpolished look.


When staring out on the quest for a stunning custom engagement ring, take your time. Gather ideas and images of what you’re looking to create and even sketch out what you have in mind. ADWB are specialists in custom engagement rings in Melbourne, CBD. Upload your design ideas here and we’ll be in touch to help visualise your ring, working within your specifications and budget to produce something that’s one-of-a-kind.