Ice Envy’s Custom Diamond Ring Service: Design Your Dream

Your wedding should be everything you’ve dreamed of. From the ceremony to the cake, it should be yours to remember for the rest of your days. Your ring shouldn’t be any different. Whether you’re looking for a coloured diamond in a princess cut, or a diamond halo ring, you shouldn’t have to compromise on your dream.

Here at Ice Envy we have a multitude of rings to choose from. Settings, diamonds, designs; you name it, we have it. We’ve got the popular and beautiful 3 stone diamond rings, with cuts ranging from princess to emerald. There’s the ever lovely solitaire diamonds, and the heavily coveted halo rings.

The bands can be chosen from white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum to help create the look you like as well.

Despite our many options, however, there are people who have something very specific in mind for their rings, and we may not have it on hand.

There’s no reason to despair, though. We offer the wonderful service of custom diamond ring design. If you’ve designed your own ring, or found the perfect design in a magazine, you simply need to upload it here. Our expert jewel smiths will work with you to make your ring exactly the way you want it to look. We like to say we have a “no compromise” policy for a reason, after all!

Embrace your creative side and start designing! If you don’t know where to start, but know that what we have offered isn’t exactly what you want, then look around. Study the designs that already exist in the world. Learn about the different cuts and settings. There’s no harm in taking some time to make your dream come true. Once you’ve begun to figure out what will work best for you, then it’s time to start your design process. (If you happen to find your perfect ring while researching, then by all means, upload a picture of said ring and we’ll do our best to replicate it!)

For the design process itself, you can use pencil and paper. Or, if you’re an avid designer, there’s a lot of different software out there that you can utilize to design your perfect ring. Matrix, for example, is one of the leading software for jewelry designers, followed quickly by Jewelcad. However, the software does take some getting used to and can be difficult for first time users. If all you have is a sketch of what you want, then that’ll do for our jeweler to work with.

No matter the design, we here at Ice Envy will do our best to replicate it. The form on our website (linked above) will help us determine just how to best fulfil your needs, so be sure to fill it out! We only offer the best diamonds, and we don’t skimp on the other materials either. All our of people, from our gemologist to our jeweler, are at the top of their trade and willing to do whatever they can to create a masterpiece just for you.

You shouldn’t have to settle for any ring when you can have the one you’ve always dreamed of. Upload your picture of your dream ring, whether it’s one of your own design, or one found elsewhere in the world of diamonds, and we’ll create the ring of your dreams. Your wedding is going to be the best day of your life and it starts with your engagement, so surely your ring should be the best of the best.

If you want more information regarding our custom ring design contact us by clicking the link below.

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