Meet Our Expert Gemmologist – Steve Richards

Buying an engagement ring is such an important and exciting m oment in your life. Most people need a little bit of guidance with their decision.

At Australian Diamond Brokers, we look to our founder and expert gemmologist, Steve Richards, to guide newly engaged couples.  We sat down with Steve to get an idea of his experiences in the industry and the increasing demand for premium quality diamonds and engagement rings in Melbourne.

For how long have you been designing and creating diamond engagement rings in Melbourne?

I have been designing and selling engagement rings since 1999.


When did you realise that you wanted to be a gemmologist?

The moment I noticed a significant gap in the market in Melbourne. I was working in the jewellery industry and couldn’t stand to see people overpaying for poor quality diamonds. The only safe way to purchase premium quality diamonds and pay a fair price is through a qualified gemmologist, so I started my studies immediately. Subsequently, Australian Diamond Brokers was Melbourne’s first qualified online retailer of diamonds and engagement rings.


What makes Melbourne CBD a special place for buying diamond engagement rings?

Melbourne’s CBD is one of the great shopping cities of the world, particularly around the Collins St precinct, where Australian Diamond Brokers is located.

The standard of diamonds available in Melbourne is very high, but only if you shop with a reputable and certified retailer. Prices vary greatly, but retailers like Australian Diamond Brokers present a unique opportunity to Melbournians, allowing the purchase of the highest quality diamonds at wholesale prices.

We can’t mention Melbourne without a coffee reference. The lunch and coffee options close to Australian Diamond Brokers, in Block Arcade and Royal Arcade, make for an enjoyable trip into the CBD.


Where do your clients get inspiration for their engagement rings?

Australian Diamond Brokers clients often reference world class jewellery designers, brands andcelebrities for ideas and ring design concepts. It’s fair to say most people don’t possess a huge celebrity-sized budget. This is where Australian Diamond Brokers is a highly sort after provider of premium diamonds and settings. We allow our customers to realise their engagement ring dreams at an affordable budget. The best part, there’s absolutely no compromise on quality.  


How well informed are your male customers?

It depends on the individual client. Some grooms-to-be like to place complete trust in my judgement to create the perfect engagement ring for their partner. We take this responsibility seriously and get a real thrill from seeing the final product create such joy.

In some cases, we see very well informed and knowledgeable male clients. They’ve clearly studied Australian Diamond Brokers education content. We love guiding well-informed customers who show genuine interest in the finer details and craftsmanship that go into creating a premium quality diamond engagement ring.


Bridezillas – truth or myth?

It’s a complete myth! We’re fortunate at Australian Diamond Brokers to attract like-minded clients. It’s a pleasure to come into work each day and deal with wonderful people who respect our expertise and our friendly, no-fuss, down-to-earth approach.

Buying an engagement ring should be a special event in a person’s life. We are privileged to share that experience with our clients.


Melbourne is known as a hub of creativity and engagement ring designing in Melbourne is no exception. At Australian Diamond Brokers we pride ourselves on creating beautiful engagement rings for each client’s unique criteria. Discuss your dream ring  with our expert gemmologist today.