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Getting married to the person that you love is the best gift one can give another but the lead up to your wedding day can be quite a stressful one – so much to organise and plan in a certain amount of time, so how do you go about it in a cool, calm, collected manner?

We went straight to the source and asked the top 5 marriage celebrants in Melbourne; “What advice do you like to give soon-to-be-married couples leading up to their wedding day?”

Naomi Korolew, Marriage Celebrant: The month leading up to their wedding is usually the time couples start worrying about all kinds of different “what if?” scenarios. So I started making a note of all the different types of questions I was getting from couples in the weeks leading up to their weddings and I used them to develop what I call my Ceremony Risk Assessment tool. This is a simple, easy to use online process that takes the couples between 5 and 10 minutes to complete. Most importantly, it steps them through everything that could go wrong on their day and they decide in advance what they’d like to do if that occurs from a list of options. This is fantastic for alleviating any last minute worries because my couples know that everything will run to plan, even if the plans change –

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David Schneider, Professional Ceremonies: Planning your wedding can be like packing a suitcase for a holiday. You have too much so take half out. I know many couples who have planned everything to the minute, whereas you should be enjoying your day and not stressing. Therefore, start with a minimalist approach and add things that you think will be remembered fondly. Also, enjoy the planning of your wedding, this is a part of the biggest day of your lives so far, so enjoy it and use the expertise of your suppliers. Having conducted over 750 weddings I can certainly give you ideas about having a beautiful wedding ceremony that reflects you as a couple.

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Anthony Cribbes, Wedding Celebrant: Just go into your wedding being yourselves…let your wedding day be your day and not anyone else’s. People love nothing more than when a wedding feels relaxed and authentic and is just a great celebration…that can happen in a shed somewhere or it can happen at the most amazing venue ever. Don’t worry too much about what others have done before or anything like that, weddings are about Celebrating love, that’s all that matters at the end of the day. How many bonbonnieres can you remember years later?…the answer is none, but you always remember a wedding that was just great fun.

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Benn Stone, Melbourne Cityside Celebrant:
Part one; find suppliers that are experienced, have more than one review and are full time! Full time suppliers live and breathe their career and are not going to let you down, I get back to my customers within 3 hours, I’ve never not shown up or been late to a wedding and have amazing resources to assist my customers. Being full time means I’ve done a lot more weddings than the average and the experience and professionalism that comes with that is priceless!

Secondly, enjoy it – hire good people, trust in others and don’t forget despite the nerves and planning and all that!- to remember to enjoy it! be in the moment and enjoy every second

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Matt Finch, Marriage Celebrant: I think a lot of people forget to just stop and ask themselves what their 2018 version of marriage is. What do they actually want to promise to their partner if front of all their favourite people? All this massive malarkey is going on, but why? Some get lost in the outfits and the party and forget the actual point. From a physical angle, people forget to just slow down and take it all in. To take your time and have some good breaths can really bring you back down to Earth and help you absorb everything that’s going on around you. Some brides/couples speed down the aisle instead of realising that it’s a really beautiful experience. One that they’ll probably never get again. Slow down, look around, laugh, hug your Dad, pause and let the photographer get a few nice snaps. And remember if you’re partner is waiting at the end of that aisle, it’s an amazing moment for them too. Soak it in.

Remember all the reasons why you fell in love in the first place. Sometimes a little reminder can do wonders. Generally doing something thoughtful and kind will make someone much happier than buying them a generic object or paying for a fancy meal. To know that your partner has taken notice and thought deeply about you is a great feeling. Sometimes your differences are your strengths. It’s not a negative. Utilise it, when you combine your powers together, you can be a force to be reckoned with

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Felicity Johnston, Civil Celebrant: My top tip for couples is relax… and enjoy every second of the lead in and the whole shebang. Don’t EVER forget that when it all boils down… this is about you marrying your favourite person, with those you love cheering you on. My second tip is to keep it authentic… don’t be seduced by what others have done, or what others think you should do. If it doesn’t resonate with you, don’t include it in your wedding! And lastly, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Aside from a couple of legal obligations, your ceremony can be whatever you want it to be… maybe ditch the reading and have folk talk about what your relationship means to them; maybe have a group singalong as your Recessional song… Pretty much, whatever floats your boat will be remembered much longer than a replica of what your friends have done.”

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With all this in mind, we can agree there are some common areas:

  1. Slow down, take it all in and remember what your wedding is about in the first place.
  2. Surround yourself with people and celebrants you trust and reliable suppliers.
  3. But above all, remember that weddings are a celebration of love, take a breath and enjoy yourself and the biggest day of your lives so far.

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