Olivia Ferraro on the happiest celebration of your life

Wedding preparation is the next logical step for happy Ice Envy customers who have purchased a diamond engagement ring from our Melbourne showroom.

We are frequently asked to recommend marriage celebrants. We’ve asked one of Melbourne’s most sort-after celebrants, Olivia Ferraro, what questions soon-to-be-married couples should ask when hiring

The journey to creating the perfect wedding does not stop at picking the perfect ring, but continues to the headache of picking out decor, a location and the vows.

Olivia Ferraro is a Melbourne based celebrant, who found her love for producing ceremonies in early 2016. Armed with an exceptional ability to ask the right questions, she prides herself in analysing human behaviours to create ceremonies that truly reflect her clients. I speak to Olivia on the best practices of working alongside a celebrant.

If I’d like to write my own vows, but I don’t know where to start. Can I ask my marriage celebrant for help?

Of course! A good celebrant should provide you with a selection of quality samples for you to include in your ceremony. I provide a range of vow samples which allows for couples to select one that’s right for them and has inspired many to write their own.

Do I need to provide audio equipment?

No, your celebrant should have the necessary audio equipment to facilitate your ceremony. In accordance with the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants, all celebrants are to make efforts to ensure that the marriage ceremony is audible to all those present, including using audio equipment.

What happens if you are unwell on the day of the ceremony? Is there a backup plan?

If your celebrant is unwell or a personal circumstance arise, you should be notified as soon as possible. Your celebrant should arrange for another authorised celebrant. The second celebrant is responsible for all aspects of solemnisation of the marriage.

What does a marriage celebrant wear on the day?

As a celebrant, I dress with professionalism and will fit in with the dress code set for the wedding. The celebrant will often end up in quite a few of your photos, so it is important to be well presented.

How much flexibility do I have around the ceremony?

A great deal! The ceremony is yours to change and alter, with the exception of the mandatory sections required by law. I give my couples the initial draft and we go back and forth until they are happy with a ceremony that suits them. You want a celebrant who is encouraging and helpful when putting your ceremony together.

Is there a limit to how often we can communicate during the planning stage?

Your marriage celebrant should be available to you throughout the planning stage, whether that be by phone, email, text or Skype. I offer my couples unlimited communication, which sets their minds at ease with any questions or concerns that may arise.

Do we need to rehearse?

I strongly recommend one. It’s not just limited to the couple themselves, but the bridal party and immediate family members who may be involved in the ceremony. A rehearsal provides the couple with an expectation of how they are presented during the ceremony and to their guests as well as the roles of their party.

What attributes do you think contributes to the best wedding ceremonies?

Your celebrant is representing you and your partner in marriage, you want someone with a smile, friendly manner and an open heart. With good communication, celebrants can create a vibe and atmosphere which makes everyone feel welcome.

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