Black coloured diamond

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Black coloured diamond

Despite their relative cheapness, black diamonds remain incredibly popular. Although almost any diamond can be turned black (clarity not being an issue), the result is a gem which is still brighter and more reflective than any other black gemstone. They are just as beautiful when set with either silver or gold, and make a wonderfully dramatic counterpoint to white diamonds.

Tips on Buying – Black diamonds are the easiest to buy as they do not come in different shades. The main clarity characteristics of Black Diamonds are broken girdles or open cavities on the surface. It is the presence or absence of these surface inclusions that help you determine the price.

We  source black diamonds in Rounds from 0.50cts to 10 cts and Princess cuts from 0.50 cts to 5 cts. We also carry Pears, Marquises, Ovals, Radiants, Cushions & Emerald cuts from 1 ct upwards. We carry three different qualities graded based on the presence or absence of surface inclusions.