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Royal blue coloured diamond

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Royal blue coloured diamond

Our blue diamonds are our most popular sellers, perhaps due to their particularly elegant appearance. They are the perfect complement to white diamonds, and are often ordered to create bespoke engagement rings. We have four different shades of blue diamond; Aqua Blue, Sky Blue, Ocean Blue and Royal Blue. Because Aqua Blue is the lightest and clearest, it tends to be our most expensive.

Tips on buying – When it comes to choosing a blue diamond, you should beware of any greenish shades. Any underlying greenish tones reduce the value of a blue diamond. Feathers can be seen quite clearly in any blue diamond, so the higher the clarity the better as all hthp diamonds are.

We have blue diamonds in four shades Aqua Blue, Sky Blue, Ocean Blue, & Royal Blue and are available in Rounds and Princes’ cuts. Our Rounds vary from 0.50ct to 5 cts, and the Princes from 0.50 ct to 3.5 cts. We also carry Pears, Marquises, Ovals, Radiants, Cushions, Asschers & Emerald cuts from 0.50 cts upwards.  Our blue diamonds are priced at six different quality levels, and are graded on the basis of colour and clarity.